Return to Sarah on the Farm

[Author's note - this post falls before Sarah's Phoenix, "Transition (Part 1)]

Jason paced in front of the fire. His men watched him from the other side. Matt was half grinning. Things were not going as he planned. Jason thought leaving her with the Bowers would be an adequate solution. Now with the boarder unrest and the talk of war he was unsure. He couldn’t keep her by his side, though he sorely wanted to. He couldn’t just take her to his parents either. Not with out a good reason, like marrying her. Not that he wouldn’t mind that, he just didn’t know how she’d feel about it.

Matt cleared his throat. Jason turned to face him. ‘We’ll cover for you,’ he stated. Jason blinked and looked at Matt puzzled. ‘We know she means a lot to you,’ he continued, ‘so go, you know the route, you can meet back up with us.’ The rest of the men nodded, murmuring assent. Jason looked at each one in turn.

‘Are you sure?’ he asked. They nodded. ‘I don’t know how long I’ll be, or even what I’ll do.’

‘Go.’ Matt said. Jason grabbed his pack. Spinning on one heal her faced the direction from whence the came.

Jason soon fell into a running stride that he’d learned to use for long distance traveling. He cut across fields and through woods, making as straight a path to the Bowers as he could. He stopped as little as possible, using the light of the moon when he could. His company hadn’t traveled for long, but it still took him two days to reach the farm. He arrived just after sunset, the moon was already shedding light on the fields.

Jason saw Brad exit the barn. So she would have gotten the package by now, he thought. Jason walked towards Brad trying to make noise so he wouldn’t startle him.

‘Lord Jason,’ he said softly slightly startled. ‘I thought it would be two months before you returned.’ Jason shrugged. ‘I think she went into the orchard. At least that seemed to be the direction she took after opening your gift.’ Jason nodded his thanks and headed towards the trees. Damn, he thought, he knew he should have given the ring to her in person.

The End

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