Plotting Revenge

[Author’s note: I know many of you though Sharon ought to get the killing blow on Wholawski. Whether she kills him before the Nigiri poison does I do not know. I do know that I am not writing out what Sharon does to Wholawski in the dungeon, but I did give you some deatils in the comments. This all takes place during Chapters 98 and 99, Uneven Odds and Turning the Tables, in Phoenix Triumphant. We find out why Sharon appeared in the doorway and are given one more reason to hate Wholawski.]


Sharon happened to be looking up when the fight started above her head. Not that she could hear anything over the buzz of the kitchen, but the movement of the floor boards as people jumped upon them caught her eye.

“KATHERINE!” Sharon shouted and the woman came running over. “You’re in charge of the cooking. Make sure EVERYONE who isn’t part of the Bake house gets the some of this in their stew.” She handed over the vials as she looked hard into the woman’s eyes and Katherine nodded. “This is the antidote, in case you have to ingest any of that.”

Turning and making sure her knife was in place, Sharon left and cautiously made her way to the second floor. She noted one of James’s men lay slain on the floor. Jakubas stood just inside the doorway to what had been the Princess’s room. Chester stood beside him, shifting form foot to foot.

The question was who was fighting. Sharon didn’t want to get too close, for fear of being spotted. She moved to the doorway of the room that butted against where the action was. Inside this room Sharon peeked through the largest crack she could find.

“By the Gods what are they doing?” She whispered when she figured out it was James and Sarah.

Turning away Sharon leaned her back against the wall. This could not be happening. There was no way for this to end right. Had her brother known the two were working together? Why couldn’t they join forces and kill Chester and Jackobus? She already knew that Sarah was capable of beating Chester, surely James could best her brother.

Then again if they were not quick and silent, then they would be swarmed with guards. How could Sharon tell them that she would thwart that from happening?

“Now!” She heard Whoalwski’s order.

Turning back to the whole she saw the fight had ended. Her brother’s back was too her and James stood to the side. Sarah was hidden as was Chester.


“Yes!” the exclamation came out without meaning as Chester went flying into Jakobus and Sarah went running free.

Sharon moved to the door and stopped as she heard a crash, peeking out, she saw Sarah on the ground; Chester on top of her. The woman was trying to drink something, but he snatched it away. A slight glow pulsed through the girl’s body. As the goodwoman quickly flipped Chester out of sight, Sharon moved into the hall without thinking.

Looking up she saw her brother was intent on Sarah and the Nigiri.

“James, get in there!” Jackobus growled.

James was now out of sight and Sharon felt her rage building. Was all she had been working for these past years going to come tumbling down? Her thought stopped at the anger in her brother’s voice.

“What have you done?” he snarled. “I will do more than keep you in chains.”

As he moved from her view, Sharon stepped closer and closer to the doorway.

“There’s nowhere to run to,” her brother chuckled. “Oh no, you will be kept here until you bear me an heir.”

“Won’t happen,” Sharon heard Sarah speak.

“Oh?” Jackobus voiced Sharon’s own thoughts as she stepped into the room. “I’m quite fertile, wouldn’t you say Sharon?”

Anger flared up once more at that comment. How many children had Sharon given birth too and watched die by his hand. How many women had she been midwife for only to see the infants killed. Clenching her dagger she stepped forward.

“Doesn’t matter,” Sarah stated.

Yes, bring him to me, Sharon thought as Sarah edged closer to her.

“And why not?”

Sharon could not help but be delighted at the anger in her brother’s eyes. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Sarah expose her stomach.

“You see this scar here? That’s where they cut into me to take out my womb.” The woman told him. “I can’t bear children, not even for Phoenix.”

Sharon laughed. Her brother finally found the woman he wanted and she couldn’t bear him any child.

“Life is a witch is it not Wholawski?”

Sharon stopped laughing and looked to see Chester had stabbed her brother. In shock she looked at the body, now still upon the floor.

“Is he dead?”

The End

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