Bad News

[Author’s note: This is what happens while Sarah is waiting in her room wondering why she hasn’t been chased yet. (Chapter 93 and 94, Waiting in Phoenix Triumphant) and It also gives us the insight into the General’s mind on why he gives Sarah that second proposal.]


It didn’t take long for James to realize that Azurean bows wouldn’t reach the Skathain pike line. To top that off clouds had gathered and a drizzle had begun, meaning he couldn’t have them set the grass on fire. He stood for a long time, thinking about what they should do.

“We’ll have to draw them out,” he muttered to himself as he turned. “Captain!” the day Captain quickly strode forward. “I want you to keep me informed of any, and I mean any movement from that pike line on an hourly basis. Am I understood?”

“Yes Major,” the day captain saluted James.

James left the picket line to find the General. He finally found him down in the Dungeon pacing the Wall of Bodies. James stood at attention waiting for an opportune moment to speak, noticing that the Jailer was conspicuously absent.

Wholawski stopped in front of James. “Apparently, our Goodwoman brought Lady Miriam up to her room.” He looked amused. “She informed our jailer, at knife point,” a slight smile flicked across the man’s face, “that Lady Miriam was not to be touched and that she was going to be set to work sewing... Do you think Lady Miriam might be capable of sewing, James?”

“I don’t know,” James stated after a moment of thought.

“You don’t think that maybe Sarah is working for Lord Farquad?”

“Highly unlikely,” James shook his head. “I found her in Vervell and Phoenix had no connections to Azure that I was aware of.”

“Ah, but you see he does,” Wholwaski grinned, “or did, until I killed them all.”

James kept his stare impassive. If Wholwaski found out he was double crossing him there would be no hope of rescuing anyone.

“There may be a way to find out though,” the General continued, his eyes gleaming. “Shall we offer her the chance of sending one of them out to the Barbarians?”

James thought for a moment and then forced himself to smile. “It would give us the chance to draw them closer to us.” Wholawski raised his eyebrows so James explained. “Our bows, even with the most skilled of men behind them, cannot reach their pikes.”

“What of setting the field on fire?”

“We tried,” James returned the harsh stare, “but the ground is too damp and it has begun to rain.”

“Curse the weather!” Wholawski slashed his sword across a couple bodies. “Come,” he tone evened out, “let us go see if our Goodwoman will play with us.”

James did not like the way Wholawski said that but he had no choice but to follow the man to the other side of the wall. Glancing to his right he noticed the Jailer. He was lashed to the rack, blood ozzing from whip marks upon his back.

The End

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