Confirming Suspicions

[Author’s Note: I know I’ve waited quite a while to post this, but this is all the stuff that lead up to the final turning point of the story. As I wanted no spoilers I’ve with held them until we’re well past that point. I know some of you will tell me I should have put it in the main story, but I made the decision to go by Sarah’s point of view two/three years ago. If I can figure out a way to do it without getting too confusing I may add some of this stuff back in. Anyway this goes back to chapter 91 and 92, Found Out in Phoenix Triumphant.]


Gloating, Wholawski took Sarah’s hands in his own. He watched as her eyes darted about the room. Subtle signs and the bits of information James had given him, were enough to presume the Goodwoman’s purpose. He chuckled as her eyes returned his.

“Phoenix is dead, but you’ve come in his stead haven’t you?”

Wholawski gripped her tighter as she jerked back a clear indication he had spoken the truth.

“Don’t worry,” he grinned. “I have no intention of killing you.”

He reeled her in, reveling at the fire in her eyes. There was strength in her body that he’d never felt in a woman.

“You will bare me an heir and you will raise him for me and all will know I took Phoenix’s fiancé for my own.”

No sooner, had his lips touched her then she jerked back as her knee came up hard into his groin. The pain doubled him over as he let her go.

“NEVER!” She screamed and ran.

“Let her go.” Whoalwski’s barked command stopped Chester in his tracks. “We know exactly where she’ll go.”

“To the Princesses room,” James supplied and Wholawski noted Chester was looking puzzled. At least, James had brains upon his shoulder.


James watched as Whoalwski slowly straightened up. “She’s got spirit,” the man smiled in pleasure.

“I could have told you that,” Chester grumbled.

Wholawski snorted as he adjusted his pants. “She’ll be fun to work with.” He turned his smile to James. “I do think she was telling the truth about not understanding those words. But I also feel that the barbarians out front are here upon King Demetiroso’s orders don’t you?”

“Very likely,” James nodded. “Though they don’t look very Arenian, they do have men and women warriors among them.”

“A feast then, eh Chester?” Wholawski nudged the Nigiri who merely grumbled again. Wholawski laughed and strode out. “James you are officially the Major now. See to it that our sieging friends feel welcome.”

“Yes General,” James saluted before relaxing into his seat.

He was worried for Sarah’s safety, but there was nothing he could do now. At least she’d heard what he hadn’t known. But, and a slight smile touched his lips, Wholawski had just promoted him to where he needed to be. Slowly standing he looked to his three men. The men looked back fear in their eyes.

“Don’t worry men. We’ll withstand this siege.”

James turned and slowly made his way to the door to finish catching up on who did what duty and to rearrange the men for more able bodies to man the front parapets.


“Forget your demotion Woman,” Wholawski growled at Sharon. “Sarah’s proved her worth as a vessel for my heir, but not for running the castle. Neither she, nor any of the ladies she’s got in that room of hers, are to be feed for the rest of the day.”

Sharon noted her brother kept shifting as if his crotch was in pain. A subtle smile lurked upon her face. “Of course brother.” She nodded, bowed and left.

That certainly explained why Goodwoman Sarah had brushed by her mid-morning in such a rush. Her brother was going to let the woman sit inside the room all day and not bother her? Sharon almost felt like whistling. His end was near, she could feel it in her bones. Wrapping her hands around the vials the little boy Ryan had given her she actually did smile.

“Been promoted as well?” James’s voice broke Sharon’s reverie as she entered her kitchen.

“What are you now?” she snorted.

“Major,” James stated.

Sharon looked him up and down. “Did the Goodwoman get you too?”

“No, these are from our friendly enemies.” James slipped Sharon a note.

“My brother has indicated the Goodwoman and her cohorts aren’t to be fed today.”

“Ah but surely you will take food to the guard I’ve set to raise the alarm should any of them try to leave.”

“Of course,” Sharon smiled.

Yes, it was time her brother would pay, and she only hoped she could steal one of Chester’s daggers to do it. She was done playing by Jakubas’s rules and following his instructions. Goodwoman Sarah would be fed and she’d be fed better than her brother. It was time to spike the food.

The End

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