Decision to Visit

[Author’s Note: We go now to Wholawski’s perspective to understand why he visits Sarah in chapter 72, An Invitation to Dine (Part 1), in Phoenix Triumphant. If I get more of this guy’s thoughts in here I’m going to have to make this as Mature. I hate Wholawski.]


Wholawski drummed his fingers upon his desk. Forty men lost to an unknown cause. Cowards, most likely sending one back with horrible stories while the rest escaped into the mountains. Well they would not like it out there in the cold; no Gods or Willow to protect them. He had made sure of that. Wholawski began to smile. He’d soon know the truth. Captain James would discover it for him, just as he’d brought in that pesky woman.

Thinking of that woman made Wholawski’s smile widen. He almost felt generous enough to pardon all the other women who had born him girls. If they hadn’t he wouldn’t have bothered to keep this one. This one had shown him the utmost potential. She’d nearly beaten Chester and survived being poisoned by the man’s dagger. Now if only he could get her to cook as she had in the field without drugging him. Still, it was a game he’d be willing to play.

Wholawski stood and called for a servant. He ordered a bath, and while that was being prepared, he chose carefully from his wardrobe. This one he would court differently. She would be given the option to submit, to become his mistress, willingly. One day, he thought with a smirk, one day he would give her before he reverted to forcing. That day would start tonight and end in the morning. He seriously doubted she’d consent in that amount of time. In fact, he hoped she wouldn’t.

The End

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