Rebuttal from the Gods

[Author’s Note: This is a direct continuation of Chapter 67, Confronting Chester, in Phoenix Triumphant. I think in the re-write I might have Sarah stay conscious a little longer, or take Moon’s advice and just add them back in. I’ll have to figure out how I want the final book to be. Yet for now, here’s why Chester starts treating Sarah like a caged lion. *grin*]


"We took you under our Willows," the voice continued to issue from Sarah at Chester. "We fed you, clothed you and loved you and this is how you repay us?"

Chester darted to the side. The woman glowed beneath the darkening sky. As she advanced upon him again the winds began to whip around them.

"How dare you turn from us in our time of need! When have we not supported you? Or guided you? We saved you from death! Your mother, so scared of baring twins, so horrified that she would cause a second sundering, tried to kill you. But we saw your potential, we raised you, we cared for you and you have turned upon us! "

"Shut up!" Chester shouted as the words continued to rain upon him. "Shut up, shut up shut up."

He grappled with the girl, but she was a fierce fighter. He would have an advantage, but snow would suddenly blind him. Sarah would be on top of him, pinning him down or against a tree as the words continued to flow.

"York repented," the voice that was not hers told him. "At the end he saw what he had done and he repented."

"My brother knew what he was doing!" Chester screamed back. "He had no reason to repent."

"Oh he did." Chester was on the ground again looking up at the girl whose face seemed to shimmer between the one he knew and another that he'd tried to forget. "He realized what he did was wrong, that this girl is the answer to our problem, just as you know it."

As the voice spoke Chester finally managed to grab his knife. "Shut up!" he screamed as he drove it into the woman's side.

The light that had enveloped her pulsed as the face looked at him in shock. "Et Tu Chester?" the voice whispered with heartbreaking sadness, as she collapsed.

"Sh*t," Chester swore as he looked at the body.

How the hell was he going to explain this to the General? Chester picked up the body and slung it over his shoulder. Strangely enough he could still feel her breathing. Snow blinded him as the wind whipped it about, yet somehow he managed to stumble to the gate. Even more his luck was that James was pacing at the gate.

"Sh*t," James echoed Chester's sentiment. "What the hell did you do to her?"

"She went ballistic on me," he tried to defend himself, "started talking almighty Gods on me."

"Get her to her room. You better hope she recovers or you'll be on the rack."

The James led him to the room Sarah had been assigned to. He left Chester to watch her and worry about his future. James quickly fetched Sharon who hurried in to tend the wound.

"If she doesn't survive this..." Sharon whispered to James.

"I know," he stated, channeling his emotions into anger with which to lash Chester.

The End

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