An Ally in Sharon’s Eyes

[Author’s note: This takes place during the Chapter 64, The Passage of Time, and explains Chapter 65, Promotion to Cook, quite nicely. Sharon has become a bit more vocal and supportive in my revisions and I’ve discovered why she holds the position she does in Wholawski’s fortress... It’s down there in that last paragraph. She’s not revealing much about their relationship, but I’ll tell you that she probably has the most reason to want to kill him... Poor Jackobus, you’re not very good at making friends are you? *devilish grin*]


“This is crap!” The General threw his bowl at Sharon. “This is worthless stew fit only for Privates!”

Sharon bent over to pick up the bowl and began to clean up the mess. Keeping her temper in check was becoming harder and harder these days. At least James wasn’t complaining. But James never did. He’d also always done what he was told, behaved how the General expected him to until he came home with that girl, Sarah.

“I want something fit to feed a King!” Sharon bowed her head to the General’s glare hoping that he wouldn’t see the fire in her eyes. “We still have a royal visitor you know.”

James looked from Sharon back to the General. “Didn’t the last head cook perish on our foray south?”

“A more unfortunate loss than I realized.” The General looked at his captain.

“We had found a replacement,” James mentioned.

“Who tried to poison us,” the General countered.

“But if she was watched...” James shrugged.

The General pondered this while Sharon finished cleaning the mess his thrown bowl had made. She dared a glance just once at James who lowered his eyelids in just the barest of motions. He couldn’t mean the same girl that he’d brought in. The one who’d come in pants and the one whose clothing he had ordered burnt, but instead over seen their cleaning and turning to ‘rags’. Sharon had noticed that the shirt had been hard to tear and its color seemed off. Surely this girl wasn’t a Moyther, or Mistress. The last religious leaders to set foot upon the General’s soil had been dispensed with rather unpleasantly.

“Find Senior Captain Chester, he can redeem himself by watching her like a hawk.” The General ordered as Sharon was about to leave, “And woman,” Sharon stopped and turned to face him, head down as expected. “I want the filth washed off her before she sets foot in the Kitchen.”

“Yes, Brother,” Sharon bowed and left. She hoped that somehow this woman would manage to poison Jakobus Wholawski. In fact, she’d do everything in her power to help her. And it would be all the better if the poison promised to give him a long, painful, unstoppable death.

The End

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