The Other Side of Leaving

[Author’s note: Little snippets I took out of Chapters 51 and 52 (On the Road at Last Part 1 and 2) of Phoenix Triumphant. Some have repeated lines, so you can see where they fit into the chapters. It’s amazing what goes on when Sarah isn’t around eh? Not to mention I love seeing into Jason’s head. *grin*]


Jason rose early, before the sun. Once dressed he gazed upon Sarah who still slept in their double bed. She looked so beautiful and so peaceful he did not want to wake her. Still he had to, despite the fact he didn’t want to. He didn’t want her to be a part of this. He never had. But the Gods had other plans and he knew, better than most, that their plans were best followed. Not that he thought they would hunt him and Sarah down, should they desert and find another way to live together. Jason knew the reward for success would be great. Not only for him and Sarah but for all of Vervell and he knew that Sarah felt the same.

She had always placed value on others, especially young people. She hadn’t studied to become a teacher to get out of the military draft, but because she wanted to give back, to teach the young ones; to have children when she could bear none.

Jason bent over Sarah’s sleeping form and brushed his lips to hers; a gentle kiss to bring her awake. He smiled.

 “Is it time to get up already?” she asked looking up at Jason.

“Yes my love,” Jason gazed at her lovingly. “Today is the day.”


“Ever smell a burning body before, My Lord?” Sarah asked. “It’s not something that can be ignored.”

Sarah turned and moved past Lady Abigail on the steps. Lord Robert could not help but smile slightly at his wife’s startled face. “Better her than you,” he stated as he stepped forward.

Lady Abigail turned towards her husband. “Yes but...” she started but wasn’t able to finish as Lord Robert kissed her lips.

“Do not worry about such things. Neither you nor Philip can be held accountable for what has happened.”

“Yes but,” Lady Abigail wrung her hands. “There must have been...”

Lord Robert placed a finger across his wife’s lips. “Some things not even the Gods can predict.”

Lady Abigail huffed and turned to march up the steps to help Sarah finish preparing. Lord Robert watched his wife. He heaved a sigh and turned back to the parlor to where Sir Arthur sat.

“I wish you wouldn’t antagonize mother so,” his second eldest son sighed. “Especially when you are nearly as much a believer as her.”

“And how do you know my sarcastic belief has not been ordained by the Gods to continually test hers?” he asked.

Sir Arthur thought for a moment then nodded slightly. “So what did you think of Lady Phoenix’s response to your question?”

Lord Robert stroked his chin as he returned to his chair. “She didn’t even mention her love for your brother.”

“You expected her to say because Phoenix asked me to?”

“I wouldn’t have been surprised.” Lord Robert nodded.

“She clearly thinks beyond love and the Gods,” Sir Arthur said.

“If she even thinks of them,” Lord Robert interjected.

They were quiet as footsteps were heard on the stairs. Sarah came down, looking more like a scout than a woman.


Don’t worry, Sarah told Jason, I have no intention of dying, and I expect you to stay alive too. After all, he could feel her grin, shouldn’t our Tri-Luna done by the time we get home?

If all goes well. Jason smiled. I know I am looking forward to our wedding.

Thankfully, being in front, no one saw his elated grin at the thought Sarah had put into his head. He tucked it away to savor in moments when not all was going well.

“Scout Theo,” he called back, “Please try to pick up your pace. We have a schedule to keep and a mission to accomplish.”

The End

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