A Message from Azure (Part 1)

[Authors Note: This is new material that was not written until I began editing these past few chapters of Phoenix Triumphant. It came up after reviewing the text that became “Tables Turned”. One of the things that became apparent was that James was sort of thrown into the mix without rhyme or reason. Well James wasn’t so happy about that. He’s still pretty closed about exactly what he is up to, but he’s got a lot more personality than he once did. So without further ado I give you some insight into the Azurean Sarah scared with her Warrior way. These two chapters fit in with chapters 47 through 49, “Three Women to Bind” and Parts 1 and 2 of “One Azurean to Scare” for Phoenix Triumphant.]


James rested in his cell. Lying face up upon the bed, he stared at the squares of light upon the ceiling. He had never known a dungeon that had windows in the cells. General Wholawski certainly wouldn’t approve of prisoners being kept in such luxury. If it wasn’t for the fact that the lowest ranking Privet was also in a room this nice, Lieutenant James would have thought it was because of his rank.

There was a knock upon the door; a token of courtesy since James could not open it. “Lieutenant James?” The voice was unfamiliar.

“Yes?” He sat up and watched as the wood over the barred peephole slide open.

“Good you are awake.”

James listened as the door was unbolted. One of the guards, one he’d not seen before, held the door open as another unfamiliar guard stood ready to detain him should he run. Lieutenant James was not interested in running. He was interested in meeting the King of Vervell and making sure that Lord Farquad’s message was delivered.

“King Demetrioso has granted you an audience.”

The man who spoke was short in stature, but despite his slightly rotund nature, James suspected that the man was well versed on how to use the sword that swung at his hip. James swung his legs over the side of the bed. The guards watched him with eagle eyes.

“Come with me,” the little man turned and began to walk away.

James followed half expecting a guard to hold him back and tie his wrists. Instead, they simply fell in step behind him. It was an interesting display of trust of him. Surely the King realized General Wholawski wanted him dead. So why give the man’s Lieutenant an unrestrained audience?


“Why are we allowing him up here, unrestrained?” Prince Theodoso asked his father for the tenth time.

“His wound was so minor that he could not have been knocked out,” King Demetrioso patiently repeated. “The answers to the questions that have been posed to him satisfy me. You know that precautions have been taken.”

“Yes,” Prince Theo muttered, shifting once more in an effort to move his chainmail to a more comfortable position. “But restraining him would have been easier.”

“We are showing trust in his honesty.” The King looked to his son. “And giving trust is one way to earn it. I hope,” King Demetrioso’s stare became harsher, “that you will manage to hold your tongue.”

“He tried to kill you!”

“That is impossible given where he was found.” The King shook his head. “No, he wanted to stay out of the fight and he wanted to stay behind. He has a message for me and we will soon find out what it is.”


A knock upon the audience chamber door interrupted the Prince. Both he and his father looked up.

“Ah, Scout Sergeant Phoenix and Scout Second Mathew do come in.” King Demetrioso beckoned them inside. “I presume you know why you are here?”

“Yes Your Majesty.” The two bowed and took up positions on either side of the King and his son.

“Protect Theodoso first and then me,” he commanded just before the prisoner arrived.

The End

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