Meeting the Smiths (Part 1)

[Author’s note: This chapter takes place at about the same time as chapter 23, Meeting the Boguez Family (Part 1), in Phoenix Triumphant. Moonwalker wanted to know how Jason got a long with Sarah’s family, so I’m writing it out, keeping the story lines are close as I can. This is only the first part, of what looks to be a three or four Protagonize chapters’ worth of information. I’ll post the others as I get to them.]


Jason found himself standing in a field of wheat. A loud rumbling sound assaulted his ears and he was unsure of if he should head towards or away from the noise. He decided to start walking away from it, when, with an even louder bang, the noise stopped. Looking in that direction something tall and shiny green towered above the wheat.

Watching in amazement, Jason marveled at the opening of a door in the contraption. From it came a man who climbed down the side for the metallic beast. Jason glanced behind him and smiled at the sight of Willows.

“Well,” he spoke to himself, “I guess it’s time for me to meet Sarah’s family.”

With more confidence than he felt Jason walked to the towering thing. The man was banging on some part of it with a few choice words Jason had only ever heard Sarah utter before. He stood silent for a moment, but after a few moments it was obvious he wasn’t going to be looking in Jason’s direction any time soon.

“Good Marrow...” Jason began, not knowing what else to say.

The man lifted his head, bumped it on something, swore, and then looked at Jason. He pondered the man standing before him as he rubbed his head where he’d hit it. “You seem a bit old fashioned for my daughter, presuming you are the fiancé I was told would be visiting us.”

“Presuming your daughter is Sarah Anne Smith...”

Jason looked around as he heard another rumbling noise coming towards them. His hand moved to his sword hilt as he looked in that direction. A big red cart of a strange sort lumbered toward them. It was as if someone had taken the idea of a horse, made a metal thing of it, but put two small wheels in front and two large ones in back.

“Ah good,” the man by Jason chuckled. “Robert noticed the combine stopped. Hope he’s loaded the tractor with tools and parts.”

Jason glanced at the red thing that lumbered towards them. A man sat upon it, a round thing held in his hands. He locked eyes on Jason and grinned. Fighting the urge to run Jason returned the stare of Sarah’s youngest brother as the ‘tractor’ lumbered towards him.

“Hey now!” Sarah’s father had turned to glance upon the boys. His gaze rested upon his son. “No need to run over your sister’s fiancé.”

Robert grinned wider and brought the tractor to a quick stop less than a foot from Jason. Jason didn’t flinch.

“He dresses funny,” Robert commented as he jumped off the tractor.

Your brother Gregory is something else isn’t he, Sarah’s musing broke into Jason’s thoughts.

I could say the same of your brother Robert, Jason replied before speaking. “I could say the same of you.”

“Yeah,” her brother replied, “but you’re the visitor.”

The End

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