A Grand-Moytherly Kindness

[Author’s Note:  this chapter is from Grand-Moyther Magdalene’s point of view. It takes place during chapter 8, Divine Headache (part 1) of ‘Phoenix Triumphant’. After all it would be hard to understand the end of the pray if I hadn’t written out the whole thing. I was exploring what the Grand-Pairents Gods had told them about Sarah and her purpose for being brought to Vervell.]


Grand-Moyther Magdalene returned Sarah’s studying gaze. Three times this woman had risen from the pain of Nigiri poison, a feat in and of itself amazing, beyond what the woman could do. She had just spent a month with the Hopefuls, the last two weeks of which had been to take the First Year Trials. It was a test that was often failed by those who’d only been a Hopeful for less than six month, yet she had passed. Or would have passed had not the events taken such a fateful turn. Even still, the woman had excelled in battle where others might fail.

What the Grand-Moyther notice the most though, was that clothing did not make the woman. Lady Sarah Phoenix was who she was no matter what she wore. Magdalene had seen others who changed from skirts to pants and back. It was something she dealt with a lot, being, as she was the half the head of their religious order. Both men and women had come to her, questioning the Gods wisdom in making them the gender they were and she had helped them all. She found many of them were defined by their clothing, and were confused when it was all stripped away. This woman was sure of who she was and what she was. Be she dressed as an Empress of Largee or bare naked as a slave of Nihigh, she would hold her head up.

Judge me if you like, her eyes seemed to say, but I am what I am, accept it or leave me be. Grand-Moyther Magdalene smiled and turned back to the tea. If there was anyone who could help to take down the Godless man, she would be able to. The Grand-Moyther could feel the strength that emanated from this woman. The Gods had chosen well, it rekindled the hope that lay languish in her heart from so many failures.

Turning from the young woman, Moyther Magdalene finished the tea preparation. When it was ready she joined Lady Phoenix upon her chosen couch.

“I do not believe we have been properly introduced,” she smiled. “I am Grand-Moyther Magdalene, the female half of the religious leaders. My husband, and the male half, is Grand-Fayther Jesus.”

Sarah looked as though she had choked on her tea, but before the Moyther could ask if she was all right, Sarah spoke, “Wait your name is Magdalene and you are married to Jesus?”

“Yes,” Grand-Moyther Magdalene studied Sarah. “That intrigues you?”

“Well it’s just that...”

The woman’s words cut off as she shakily set her tea down. Her head went into her hands and the Moyther heard her mutter ‘owe’. She immediately knew that Lady Phoenix was having a headache, triggered by a religious affiliation. She had learned that the poor thing hadn’t even been able to handle a Splinter, the simplest of the Gods tools given to their great-grand children. Grand-Moyther Magdalene pressed her hands into Lady Phoenix’s temples as she began to pray.

“Release this adopted great-grand-child from the limitations set upon her.” Magdalene pressed her hands in harder. “Let her mind think clearly and seek clearly the questions for which you have answers.” She again pressed with all her might, though the woman winced. “Impose not upon this adopted great-grand-child a path for her to follow.” Magdalene began to lessen the pressure little by little. “She was chosen for her free will, deny her not her free will, and trust upon your judgment of her character that she will follow the path you have set her upon. Gods bless us all.” Grand Moyther Magdalene removed her hands from Sarah’s head.

She smiled as Sarah blinked. Her eyes looked thoughtful for a moment as a smile spread upon her face. When she spoke, Grand-Moyther Magdalene knew her prayer had been heard and answered.

The End

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