Phoenix Triumpant - The Gods Visit Jason

[Author’s note:  This actually takes place during chapter two, Back to Reality, of ‘Phoenix Triumphant’. While Sarah goes and has breakfast, Jason gets visited by the Gods. I guess they didn’t want to visit with her again, but it does give some more indication of what my Gods are like. Sometimes I think they have too much fun. But, can you really blame them? *grin*]


Jason watched Sarah fade from view. If he could have, he would have loved to stay in the Grove forever with her. Judging by the white figures coming towards him, he doubted that could have been a reality. But their presence did worry him.

“Stay seated child,” the woman knelt before him as she spoke and Jason stopped trying to rise. Pain was again coursing through his back.

“I, I am not dyeing am I?” he asked, horrified at the thought that he would break his promise to Sarah.

“No,” the man stated, “your time has not yet come.”

Jason sighed as the great-grand Moyther leaned him forward slid her hand down his back. “No, you will live. You still desire life.” The woman rocked back on her heels to study him.

“I am all Sarah has,” he twisted the ring on his finger, “and I feel as though I could spend the rest of my days happy with her.”

“And should everything go well, you will have that chance,” the Great-Grand Fayther stated.

“But now you shall face one of the most trying challenges of your faith,” The Great-Grand Moyther stood.

“Your Tri-Luna will not be easy.” Their voices began to alternate.
“There will be testing greater than any couple has gone through before.”
“The two of you have a destiny to fulfill.”
“A General to take down.”
“There can be no mercy for him.”

“None?” Jason asked, knowing how much Sarah believed in giving people second chances.

“None,” the Great-Grand Fayther stated arms crossed. “To spare him is to invite disaster to Azure, Vervell and all places beyond.”

Jason swallowed and nodded.

“But,” the Great-Grand Moyther’s tone softened. “Once accomplished your reward shall be great.”
“Your Tri-Luna complete.”
“And a Knight’s wedding held.”

“A Knight’s wedding?” Jason asked, his eyes wide, “but I am only a Scout.”

“No,” the two kneeled before him and placed their hands over his heart, “your heart is that of a Knight,” they placed their hands upon his forehead, “your faith that of a Master,” they moved their hand to hold his, “and your own choice to become a Scout has served us far better than we had anticipated.”

Jason furrowed his brow. “You mean you didn’t know.”

The Great-Grand Moyther laughed. “The future has so many different paths it can take that seeing clearly where one choice will lead is next to impossible, even for a God.”

“So we actually do not have destinies?” This was something he and Sarah had often discussed.

“No,” the Great-grand Fayther chuckled, “but you do have purpose. Together you and Lady Phoenix shall defeat the one who has eluded his punishment for far too long.”

“Remember,” the Great-Grand Moyther insisted, “there can be no mercy.”
“No wavering of faith.”
“His end must be final.”

“Now go and rest,” they spoke in unison, “for when you next return here we shall keep the Tri-Luna tradition alive.”

“I get to meet Sarah’s family?” Jason asked surprised.

The only response was a bright white light that blinded him. While his eyes closed to ward of the intensity of the luminescence he passed into sleep. A deep sleep with no dreams so that his body could renew its efforts to heal him.

The End

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