General Wholawski

[autor's note: If this in anwy way needs a mature tag, please let me know and I will spit the General off into his own story, for those times when I actuall devle into his perspective on things. As SpookOfNight knows he is mean and nasty to the core, and should our bad guys ever get together no world will survive. Oh and I forgot to mention, this is actually stepping back in time, as were the previsous two chapters, to Pheonix Rising Chapter 77: Dinner and a Bath (or Not)]

General Wholawski swore. He grabbed Lieutenant Chester by the collar of his leather jerkin. “I thought you said only Pairents could port by Willow.”

“And Nigiri’s aren’t supposed to be able to be killed,” the man hissed back looking directly into the General’s eyes.

“Your bother York’s death has not been confirmed,” General Wholawski retorted back at the man letting him go. The General then raised his voice so those near him could hear. “I want that tree cut down and burned by morning!”

He turned on his heel and made his way back to his tent.

“You heard the General,” Lieutenant Chester called out, “get to work.” Then he hurried after his commander arriving in time to stand by the tent flap as the General surveyed the area.

“Why do you think they would have sent a boy?” The General’s eyes flicked over every bit of his tent. Nothing seemed out of place, though the girl had thankfully passed out and was therefore no longer whimpering. Still, he strode forward to the still form. Nudging at her with his toe he spoke, “What did the boy do?”

The girl’s eyes fluttered open and a drugged smile appeared upon her face. The General kicked her again, harder this time.

“What did the boy do?” he demanded to know as he bent down to lift her up to his face.

“Chop ti sco tank nan pa coke tap.” The girl giggled.

“Don’t give me nonsense!” The General slapped a hand across her face.

“Pa co tux moke ent po.” The girl laughed.

“General,” Chester spoke making Wholawski stop and turn to face the man. “She won’t be making any sense, nor likely feeling any pain.” The Nigiri Assassin held up her hand which still clutched a small crystal vial. “Gods nectar.”

General Wholawski dropped the girl on the floor. “Gods Nectar,” he sneered stepping on the hand that held the vial crushing it until the vial broke. The girl just watched it in fascination as her head began to bleed. “Let my best men have at her, then throw her in the Willow flames.”

Disgusted the General went back to his desk and poured over the maps. Tomorrow his scouts would be back to report on the success of the damn destruction.

“Rap que pah han an na sus nock!” the girl shouted at him as Lieutenant Chester dragged her out.

General Jokubas Wholawski ignored her as he planned his attack on the training barracks. He hoped to kill Princess Allmerah’s brother and wound her father. He would like to see how she reacted to having her brother’s head brought to her on a silver platter. Slowly the General smiled.

The End

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