Ryan's Vison and Task (part 1)

[author's note: it was hard tofind a good star and stopping point for this entry so this first part of the two will be longer than I'd like.]


Ryan woke with the moonlight shinning into his bedroom. It was an odd sort of moonlight he thought so he crept out of bed and hurried to the window. All seemed quiet at the barracks and the house. Everyone seemed to be sleeping sounding. He could hear their breaths going in and out in a clam slow manner. But the light that shone in came not from the moon but the Willow just beyond their back fence.

Without really thinking about it Ryan threw on his clothing. He tip-toed down the stair avoiding the last squeaky step. Slipping out the door he made his way to the Willow, it’s light following him. It engulfed him as he stepped under the boughs.

When Ryan could see again he found himself in a tiny temple. Yet it wasn’t a temple. Instead of a well, there was a spring and there were no God huts. Not only that but Ryan had never seen a Godwood so small. Its lowest branches begged for him to climb upon them and he found himself drawn towards them.

Despite the fact that climbing a Godwood was forbidden, religious sacrilege Ryan couldn’t help it. It invited him into its branches and he had made it just about to the top when laughter from below made him look down.

“Come down Great Grandchild,” the Great Grand Moyther smiled up at him.

“I’m so sorry,” Ryan came scrambling back down the branches. “I didn’t, I mean, I, I,” he was near tears when he got to the bottom.

“Oh child,” The Great Grand Moyther took him up in a loving embrace, “I know you meant no harm. This Dogwood is of a special variety. It is made for climbing.”

“Dogwood?” Ryan looked into the Great Grand Moyther’s face curiously. “Not Godwood?”

“It is but a matter of switching the d and g in the spelling,” a man laughed as the Great Grand Moyther set Ryan down.

“Did I die?” Ryan asked curious as to why he was here, and why now.

“No child you did not die,” the Great Grand Moyther chuckled.

“You have been chosen,” the Great Grand Fayther stated.

“And there is something we wish to show you,” the Great Grand Moyther stated.

“Come and watch.” The Great Grand Moyther took Ryan in another embrace and he felt as if they faded and became transparent.

Ryan watched as a little girl, though she was older than him, enter the grove. At least he presumed it was a girl given the two long braids that hung down her back. Her clothing definitely did not give it away. When she at last turned to face them there was a smile upon her face. It was a look of gleeful cheeriness that told she’d just gotten away with something.

Ryan watched as she explored about this tiny Temple with its spring. His head cocked to the side as she came closer, but before she actually got to where they were standing she started looking above her at the branches of the tree. Suddenly she grabbed one and began to climb.

Ryan let out an involuntary grasp.

“Do you know who she is?” the Great Grand Moyther asked the boy.

“She’s definitely female?” Ryan asked.

The Great Grand Father laughed, “most definitely though she prefers pants to skirts.”

“Then it has to be Sarah.” He watched as she climbed back down to sit on a lower branch.

“She has also been chosen, along with him” the Great Grand Fayther nodded to the boy who entered the tiny Temple, sword glinting in the sunlight as he banish imaginary foes.

“Wow, where’d he get the sword? They didn’t give my brother on till he was thirteen.”

The Great Grand Moyther laughed. “That is Lord Phoenix and his father just gave the weapon to him. They will not let him train with it until he is thirteen though.”

“together the three of you have been chosen to rid our world of the one who defies us,” the Great Grand Fayther continued as the children faded from view.

“Shouldn’t there be a fourth?” Ryan asked. “Mother, father, sister, brother,” he ticked each on off on his fingers. “The perfect family, that the Godwood blossoms represent? That’s what Moyther Mary and Fayther Joseph have taught us.”

“That is true,” the Great Grand Moyther stated, “But in Sarah’s world their symbol is that of the trilogy, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.”

“Ryan,” the Great Grand Fayther knelt before the boy and took his hands in his shoulder. “General Wholawski has thwarted every last one of our efforts. He turned the twin Nigiri assassins against us, he has murdered Knights and Pairents before us.” The Great Grand Fayther looked deep into the boys eyes. “the task set before you, Sarah and Jason is the hardest task that we will ask of anyone. We do not know what will work to bring the man’s down fall, we only know that we must or the future of our world shall lie upon the same path as Sarah’s.”

Ryan swallowed as he looked into the eyes of the Great Grand Fayther. They asked a lot of him, but they gave him help. He adored Sarah and her funny ways. He admired Phoenix for shedding his lordly robes and becoming a scout. Ryan nodded.

“But, but, won’t they not want me to help?”

“That is true,” the Great Grand Moyther said, “which is why, though I wish I didn’t have to, we must send you upon a task to prove your worth.”

“You must take this,” the Great Grand Fayther handed Ryan a small vial, “and give it to the  young woman.”

Ryan hesitantly took the vial as the Great Grand Moyther continued the instructions. “You must make sure she drinks it. It will save her from great pain.”

“Why will she be in pain?” Ryan asked looking at the vial.

The Great Grand Moyther looked sad. “I cannot tell for my vision is dark.”

The Great Grand Fayther put her arm around his wife. “General Wholawski had a dark cloud around himself that the Great Grand Moyther has trouble seeing through. As such, we can only hope we place you within reach of the young woman.”

“Keep faith little one,” the Great Grand Moyther knelt down to embrace the boy. “Many of the thing you see should not be seen by one so young. Things you will not understand. You must keep faith little one, and we shall ensure you get to see the betrothal of Lord and Lady Phoenix.”

“even though my mother will not let me go?” Ryan asked as he clutched the vial tight.

“Yes even though your mother will not let you go.” The Great Grand Moyther smiled at him.

“Now you must go!” the Great Grand Fayther stated as they both stood. “Go to the glowing Willow, for you must follow its roots back to your world, and hope have not sent you too late.”

Ryan turned and ran towards the glowing Willow that he saw before him.

The End

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