A Moment in the Grove

[Author's Note: Ryan's been given a chance to peek into Sarah and Jason's past. this is not the scene they actually showed him I decided shortly after I wrote it, but it's just too humourus not to keep.]

Soon laughter filled the Grove. Two children played, one a girl with braids who wore pants, the other looking a bit like a noble man’s son. They were chansing something across the Grove that Ryan couldn’t see.

“We have him on the run now Jay!” the gril cried as she brandished her stick.

“Have at him Sarah!” Jason cried his practice sword swinging wieldy in an arc, “we’ll chase the Devil from this place yet!”

“Ha Ha!” Sarah cried. Suddenly she fell to her knees. “oh no!” she twisted as if something had her, “I I think, Oh Jay! He’s got me!” Sarah pretended to be pulled back in to the Willows.

“Sarah?’ Jason cried. “Sarah?”

“Is she,” Ryan gasped.”

“be silent and watch, they are playing,” the great grand mother whispered.

“There you are!” Sarah had deepened her voice. “I shall have at you now.”

Jason spun to face Sarah. “sarah?

“I am not Sarah anymore,” sarah threw her head back, “Ma ha ha ha ha,” she laughed and the lunged for Jason.

The two fought for a while all around the grove. jason was clearly superios, but sarah was great at adapting herself. At last Jason managed to tear her weapon from her and had his practice sword at her throat.

“Let Sarah go,” he said.

“Nevah!” Sarah retotred, though a smile was playing at her lips. “Mua ha ha ha.”

“then I have no choice!” Jason cried and he plunged his sword into her armpit.

Sarah clutched at the sword. “No!, No!” she began a dramatic death scene. “You have defeated me. Your will was too much, no.” Sarah stumbled and wonve until at last she fell under the Dogwood tree near where Ryan was observing.

“She’s playing?” he whispered.

Her chest still heaved with breathing. Jason cuaght his breath then slowly came over to where she lay.

“Sarah?” he asked looking down at her.

Sarah opened her eyes and looked at him. “I have you now!” she lunged up at him. Jason stood there frozen as she planted what looked like a kiss on his lips. Sarah stepped back and burst into laughter.

“Oh my god your face! You should see your face!”

“What?” Jason shock his head. “You just startled me, that’s all.”

The two faded from view and they three of them came back into focus. “that was Sarah and Phoenix?”

“Yes,” the great grand moyther stated. “At the ages of 13 and 15. You have just witnessed the begining of when he began to fall in love with her.


(God I still remember the look on your face after that Jay - Sarah laughs)

(Jason looks a bit embarassed by the memory - yes well, you just startled me, I mean we had just been fighting with sword sna you up and kissed me. - He looks at her - I still do not understand why you did it. girls just do not go around kissing boys.)

(In Vervell perhaps - Sarah groans and hugs Jason - but in the mid west we tkae what we can get. Now as to why, I don't know, I guess I just wanted to see what your reaction was. And God do I wish I had a picture.)

(You man a painting of what his expression looked like - Mathew asks puzzled. Sarah nods - Oh man I do too, that would have be worth a Temple of Willows)

[Author's note: and there you have some charcater reactions. I'm getting quite fond of these guys. *grin*]

The End

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