Class B Checks on Sarah (part 1)

[Author's note: This is actually a two parter, or more haven't checked the full length. It was fun to write, but it will never get into the final edit because, well reed wound't have been given a chance to visit Sarah while she rested under the Willow. he would have been put to work rebuilding the training barrracks. *grin*]

“Smith!” Reed’s voice was suddenly loud and Sarah jerked upright.

Looking about confused Sarah found she was still next to Jason and they had both been covered by a blanket. It was raining now, and Reed and Aaron looked as though they were soaked. Yet somehow the ground under the willow, was still dry.

“What’s wrong?” she asked shivering slightly now that the blanket was off her. It looked to be very early in the morning.

“You were gone for a full day and no one would tell us anything.” Reed crouched before her. “Not even Kirk’s cousin.

“A full day?” Sarah asked and Reed nodded. “And who is Kirk’s cousin?”

“Scout Mike, he’s in Phoenix Troop,” Aaron supplied.

“Oh Mike,” Sarah smiled. “How is he?”

“Wounded but healing, they moved him to the Temple in Verdas with the last group yesterday. Only you and Sergeant Phoenix were left here.”

“And what about the rest of class B?” Sarah asked as stretching out her legs and pointing her toes. Pins and needles in her right leg but it felt better than it had yesterday, or was that the day before?

“Well,” Reed looked sad.

“Marcus is gone,” Sarah stated, “he took a dagger for the Prince.”

“Kirk never came back with Lion Troop,” Aaron sighed.

“Nor have Michael and Bennett returned,” Reed completed.

“So it’s the three of us and London, left as far as we know?” Sarah asked as she began to rise to her feet.

“Aye,” Reed held out a hand, which Sarah gratefully accepted.

“Well, is there food about, I am starving,” Sarah laughed, “and thank goodness there’s no Martha to shoo me back inside.” Reed and Aaron looked at each other puzzled. “Long story,” Sarah grinned at them.

“What about Sergeant Phoenix?” Reed asked.

Sarah looked to where Jay slept, his breathing easier than when she’d first laid down next to him. Smiling tenderly as she looked at him. “He said he’ll heal,” she looked back at them, her smile fading only slightly. “And I think he will boys. So where’s the food and how much more of these trials do we have to left?”

Reed and Aaron looked at each other puzzled. “Well,” Reed spoke, “the Scout runs where the last part of the test. Today’s supposed to be the day they judge us, but I don’t know if they will.”

“Judge us?’ Sarah asked, “I clearly either wasn’t paying attention in a class or they explained all this before I got here.”

“I think it was while you were in one of your separate classes,’ Aaron stated. “That’s what they were right?”

Sarah looked at the two boys. “Of course they were, what else would they be?” Reed and Aaron exchanged glances. Sarah sighed. “Look I know it’s a bit weird for you,” she paused slightly, “make that weird for everyone but Jay, but yes I am a woman. And trust me, any lewd thoughts you might have, throw them out the window.”

“Weird?” Reed asked, his question echoing in Aaron;s face.

“Weird, strange, out of the ordinary,” Sarah provided and they nodded.

By this time they had reached the kitchen, which was just beginning to show signs of life. One woman was starting the fire from last night’s ashes. She looked up at the three of them as they entered.

“Out, breackfast won’t be ready for another hour.” She turned back to her task. When they didn’t leave she looked back up at them. “What do you boys want?”

“Now Becca,” Reed states his voice began flirtatios and pleading. “Hopeful Smith here just spent two days not getting a bite to eat due to,” Reed’s eyes flicked back to Sarah and she mouthed male, “his injuries. He just needs something to stave off the hunger before breakfast.”

“I’m starving,” Sarah drawled, “all I need is a little bit, just to tide me over you know,” she left her full accent out. “I’d had to arrive at breakfast and have my tummy rumble so loudly that the nobles in Verdas could hear it.”

Reed looked back at Sarah, a bit shocked at her performance. She’d spent enough time imitating her brothers to tease them. Not to mention she’d do the same to her male friends. She always found male flirting entertaining. Now here she was using it to get her way. Woman did always seem to go for the guy with an accent.

“Well,” Becca looked from Reed to Sarah and back.

“Please Becca?” Reed asked.

“Just a bit of cheese and bread, you know,” Sarah added her puppy dog eyes to his. “Only what you have left over from last night. I wouldn’t dream of asking for more.”

“Can you start a kitchen fire?” she asked, “Because I got to get these going before the rest of the girls get here and you need to be gone by then so I don’t get in trouble.”

“Why shore thing,” Sarah drawled, “just so happens me ma taught me when she got sick one year and there was no one else about to help her.”

Becca looked from Reed to Sarah, glancing briefly at Aaron before looking back to Reed. “All right, just this once, but don’t you go expecting it now. You’ll be out of here soon anyway,” she seemed to be saddened by that fact.”

“You know I’ll come by and visit,” Reed stated a little hurt.

“I’d like that,” she gave him a kiss to the cheek, making him turn beat red as Aaron snickered, “now get that fire going, and so help me it better be done right.” Becca hurried off down into the root cellar.

“Do you really know how to start a kitchen fire?” Aaron asked.

The End

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