Phoenix Triumphant - NaNo Excerpts

[Author's note: Yes, that's right the following chapters shall be excerpts from my NaNo wiritng. things that I've decided to post because I know they will not end up in the final edited version. This first excerpt actually coinsides with Phoenix Rising: Underneath the Willow Tree]

Moyther Esther looked from the body of Lord Phoenix to the fence. Scout Mathew had just left a Hopeful there who was obviously injured. Why hadn’t he helped him over, she wondered as she hurried over to help herself. Fayther Michael wasn’t far behind her.

When he said he was trying to see Phoenix the Pairents glanced at each other in surprise. Not knowing what else to do, for he was certainly wounded under the bandage that ran around his leg, they found him a spot on the perimeter of the tree.

Then he confessed to being Phoenix’s fiancé, stunning them both as the Fayther kept her from collapsing the Gods rustled the Willow.

Let her see him, for together they are Phoenix, Lord and Lady of each other’s hearts.

The Fayther quickly complied as the Moyther went back to her own task. She knew she shouldn’t judge but she couldn’t help but feel the Gods had chosen an odd partner for Lord Phoenix. Surely he deserved better than a woman posing as a man?


Light came and washed over Jason filling him with hope. She lived. He could feel her next to him. His heart rejoiced. Her words, for he could tell she was speaking to him, were muffled and hard to hear.

Then her kiss. Light as a feather he felt her lips brush his, he heard the whispered words “I love you” straight from her heart. His body sighed, his soul content, his heart overjoyed. Life trickled back into his limbs. His fingers twitched and found themselves being held by her.

Jason smiled as he willed his fingers to twine with hers.


“All I want to do is run away, marry you and live happily ever after.” Jason pouted, Sarah held tight in his arms.

“But you know there is no such thing,” she replied.

“That doesn’t mean we can’t try. I just want you, all to myself. Forget the Gods.”

“Jay,” she laughed slightly and pulled back suddenly serious. She looked to the Godwood Tree. “Tell me how happy could we be?”

“Very,” he wrapped his arms around her again.

“No we wouldn’t.” she stated and deep down he knew she was right. “We wouldn’t be happy because it would be marred by the fact we did nothing.”

“You can’t say that. We have done something.”

Sarah narrowed her eyes. “A man like Genreal Wholawski won’t stop. He’ll get Vervell and then he’ll go for the Areni Plains and then he’ll go for what’s beyond that. He won’t stop until he gets it all or he’s defeated.”

“We’ll just go very far away,” Jason smiled at her, putting all the charm he could muster into it.

“No,” she stepped away from him. “There was a man in my world who killed millions before he was stopped. Millions because everyone gave in to him, didn’t fight him until it was nearly too late. Said, if we give him this piece he’ll be satisfied. Oh, now he wants this piece, well that will be okay.”

Sarah turned to face Jason her face was set. There was nothing that would deter her from her path.

“There’s a quote from that time that I forget but it went along the lines of ‘they came for this group and I did nothing, they came for that group and I did nothing, then they came for me and there was no one left.” She sighed, “loses it poignance that way.”

“No,” Jason took her hand in his, “No I understand what you are saying. There will be no peace until General Wholawski is dead. And if we don’t live and fight, then who will.”

Sarah smiled and chuckles slightly, “Woe to us, the super heroes of Vervell.”

Jason laughed, “We are Lord and Lady Phoenix.”

“then let us rise from our ashes and sear that f’n General with our flames!”

The End

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