Speaking with Wolf - Jason

[Author's note:  This happens durring Phoenix Rising, 'The Gods Will Provide", when Jason goes to talk with Wolf.  Through this I have come to realize that there's a lot of finagling that goes on to make each Scout Troop work as a well oiled unit. Even putting troops to gether to work as a team is a tricky business. Anyway here you go.]


Jason walked to where Scout Sergeant Wolf stood, watching the Hopefuls raft building from afar. The other scouts had made themselves comfortable on logs a distance away.

“May I have a word with you Wolf?” Jason asked as he approached.

“Certainly Phoenix.” Wolf turned his beady eyes from the Hopefuls to Phoenix. “I did want to ask you about that Smith, he smells* right familiar, but I can’t place him.”

Jason smiled. He wasn’t surprised Wolf had noticed, especially if Sarah had gotten close to him. “Yes, I am not surprised. Smith was quite useful on our last mission together.”

“Smith?” Wolf studied Jason.

He,” Jason stressed the gender, “uses his last name here.”

“Ah,” Wolf nodded, “will he be joining your Troop after the trials then?”

Jason looked to Sarah when she and Hopeful Jeremy were tending to the food. “That will be for the King to decided. It certainly wasn’t my intention to provide for Smith in that manner.” Jason filled with the ring on his finger absently.

Wolf nodded. “I reckon Smith would do well either way. But what was it you wanted to talk to me about?”

Jason grinned. “I wanted to let you know, that despite the disbelief Hopeful Marcus might have, Smith does know what he is doing. Smith is also an excellent swimmer and has had training in saving people from drowning.”

“Good to know, but why would Marcus not believe this?” Wolf asked his attention fully on Jason.

Jason gave him a wry grin. “Marcus and Smith do not get along well.”

“So Smith told me,” Wolf nodded.

“And he has found out what Smith is.”

“So he believes that Smith isn’t capable, though Smith’s clearly doing very well.”

“Yes,” Jason nodded.

Wolf looked back down to the raft, which was nearly complete. He nodded. “I’ll be sure things work out. Will you be using the raft to get across?”

“If we can work that, yes.” Jason nodded and left to check on the Prince.


[ * smells, yes smells, I worte exactly what I meant to. You'll hopefully understand why after a few more chapters in Phoenix Rising *Elo grins*]

The End

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