In Support of Vervell

My writing of Sarah's Pheonix and it's following novels often requires writing from other characters perspectives. These posts are their deleted sceens - uneditied.


The chapters that follow are deleted scenes from my Vervellian Phoenix Trilogy, which I also sometimes call The Phoenixes of Vervell. Either way what you are reading are the thoughts, feelings and actions of the characters from Sarah's Phoenix and Phoenix Rising and Phoenix Triumphant.

These postings are essentially the second draft, transcribed from the notebook to the computer. I am not in any way trying to edit these before I post, neither for grammar nor continuity for the story as posted.

These postings are essentially an exercise in character development. I've written them because I've needed insight on why certain characters are the way they are. Or what goes on when Sarah is not around to then figure out how people react to her.

Now that I have bored you to tears (for I certainly hope not to death) I shall wrap this introduction and actually post something. I just want to warn you again:

~ This is a showcase of how I work, not a competed and edited novel. For that I ask you to visit to check out the stories inked to over there in the Author’s Guidance.

Thank you,

:} Eorithryn

The End

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