In Seconds

The year is 1800: I spend my  formative years in oceans of literature.

Studying, thinking, examining, observing: The job of a great mind is never done.

I can spend days and days in a library, indulging in the pursuits of written pleasure, feeding my mind with "nutrition" from Machiavelli and Socrates.

I can spend hours finding out what tuberculosis or influenza is.

My colleagues and I spend days diagnosing patients with diseases.

I feel my mental capacity expanding, being worked like a baker kneading bread dough.

Upon thinking of how and why things work the way they do, upon researching, I feel my patience building with every hour I spend reading. My devotion to my studies grows, as does my knowledge.

The year is 2010: I spend one hour on Google Search Engine.

Reading, commenting, bored, learning: The mind of an average internet user is never satisfied.

I can spend minutes on my laptop in a library Googling philosophers, reading only a backdrop of their lives and works until I get bored

I can spend seconds learning about the symptoms, causes, treatments and types of influenza and tuberculosis.

My colleagues and I spend minutes on our tablets, figuring out what a patient has.

I feel my mind is not being challenged, I do read but don't think about it. However, my knowledge grows. I now know but I do not find much curiosity or devotion to it.

I feel my patience shrinking: I want to learn about the solar system and I want to now, right away

I want information at the tip of my fingertips, in minutes!

Better: in seconds.

The End

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