In my head

Just a little of what goes on inside my head throughout the day :D

I was walking through the halls of my school after lunch, even though i knew how much mayhem it would be in. I wasn't in any rush to get to my next class so my pace was fairly steady, although still a lot faster than most peoples. As I was walking by a group of guys I overheard them talking about how all the girls who, like me, have dyed our hair, or part of our hair, a drastic color are just pathetic and crying out for attention. 

This got me thinking....are they right in what they're saying? Have we only done this to our hair because we want peoples attention? I thought long and hard about this as I sat in my Video class, editing our current work. Sure that may be true for some people that have dyed their hair unusual colors but it wasn't true for me. I only dyed the front of my hair red because I thought it looked cool. I didn't do it because I wanted people to notice me; if I had wanted that I could have just dressed like most of the girls in my school, showing the entire world my unmentionables. 

These thoughts continued to run through my head as I walked home, making me consider more and more why I chose to have my hair this way. Finally I came upon that conclusion that I did it simply because I could. There's no other reason for it really. I dyed a portion of my hair red simply because I am able to. Sure I could lie and say I didn't it because I wanted to stand out and be a non-conformist and all that "rebellious" talk but that wouldn't be correct. I've never cared about following crowds or purposefully avoiding them. I dress how I dress and have my hair the way I want simply because I can.

The End

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