Dale - A Sacrificial Rescue

My heart skipped a beat, and a scream tore through my dry throat. My breath was caught in my throat as well, and I felt like my heart was blocking my airway. I tried to scream again, but no sound came out. I broke into a cold sweat, and my thoughts spun. Unable to say or do anything, I slumped to the ground out of my run, spots dancing across my half lidded eyes.

Unconsciousness began to impose its authority on me, and I began to slide back from the creature that lurked over me, shadows playing across its sinister face. The slitted yellow eyes hovered closer to my face, and I pushed myself away from the syren until my arms grew weak and gave out.

A beautiful girl stood over me, and my heart slowed, but almost just as fast, the creature came back. Red, slimy skin... fangs lined her bloody jaws... horns tipped with crimson, dried blood shot out from the sides of her head.. and she reached a clawed hand to gently scrape the side of my face. The dirty, cold ground disappeared from under my fingers as I  hovered in mid air with her.

My head pounded as I floated in space, feeling pain as her claws began to dig into the side of my cheek, drawing warm blood down the side of my face. Suddenly, it all vanished. She was thrown through the air as Aldara jumped, throwing herself toward the syren. They rolled sideways, and I froze, paralyzed with fear as the two of them brawled on the road. My body shook spasmodically.

"Go!" yelled Aldara.

Suddenly I found myself lifted by two powerful arms, and when my feet hit the ground,  I was staring into a pair of stunning amethyst eyes. "Let's go, Dale!"

"But..." I stumbled over my words as I uttered them. "...but... what about... Aldara.... help her..."

"She'll find us later, now let's go!" she shoved me forward, and I found my legs carrying me quickly, the ground soon becoming a blur. A bloodcurdling scream, rang out--Aldara's, or the syren's?

My blood ran cold...

The End

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