Dale - Syren Slayer

So basically, here were the strange points that had now made themselves comfortable in my no-longer-normal-life:

1. Angels did in fact exist.

2. I had one who was now my Guardian.

3. I was some kind of special kid who was supposed to stop Lucifer from rising.
a)Whoever Lucifer was...

4. The Apocalypse would soon dawn upon the Earth

5. I was so confused, and none of the above seemed to make sense.

I ran at a supernatural pace alongside the half angel-half demon girl. I'd never caught her name, but I felt it in my mind. Ciara. We ran, and I didn't understand how I was keeping up with her since we were running about 80 mph. Whatever is was that was making me capable of this, it felt like it had always been here.

"What the hell are we running from?!" I demanded angrily.

"A Slayer!" replied Ciara.

"What the hell is that?"

"A Slayer is a demon--" Aldara explainedwhile sideways glancing at Ciara. "Who is hired to capture or kill someone or something of importance. I have a feeling that it has come for you Dale."

"ME?" I asked. "But why? I'm just some normal kid who's gotten caught up in this!"

"NO!" exclaimed Ciara. "You imbicile! You don't seem to understand, do you? You must be special, because I saw you. In a vision! You're supposed to stop my father. Lucifer. The Devil himself! And not just anyone can do that! You have to be different."

"Then what am I?" I asked, pissed off now. She was now saying that I wasn't even... human?

"You seem to have a..." Aldara started. "Angelic presence, but you look mortal. This could only mean one thing."

"What?!" I demanded again, thoroughly pissed now.

"You must be a--"

There was a loud, melancholy screech that scraped the air. The sound was like very sharp fingernails being dragged against a chalkboard, and the horrible sound forced me to hold my hands to my ears. The earth rumbled around me, and I held my hands over my ears. I turned back, seeing the strangest thing ever.

There, running behind us was a human girl. She was beautiful. Her long blond hair was streaked with brown, and it waved down along her back. Her long eyelashes accentuated her strange but pretty eyes. That's when I realized the wierd thing about her. Her eyes. They were bright red, the irises gleaming with the colour. The fire in her eyes was frightening, and when she smiled, it didn't look right. Like it hurt to smile.

She was sprinting, and she was catching up to us. She opened her mouth, and I realized her jaws were rimmed with sharp fangs. Her face changed for a flicker of a second, and I saw what must have been her true form. She had horns and red skin, and her eyes were yellow. Her pupils were vertical slits, and the girl's hands were claws. "What... is she?"

"You can see what she really is?" asked Aldara. "That means you must be what I think you are..."

"She's a syren," said Ciara. "A demon that uses the shape of a human girl or boy, one that is exceptionally pretty or handsome. They lure people to them, then kill them, consuming their flesh."

We ran, and I looked over at my strange Guardian Angel. She was talking to her shoulders, and I was frightened to interrupt her, but I had to. "WHAT AM I?" I yelled over the whipping wind.

"You... are a Nephilim," she replied.

"Makes sense," muttered Ciara. "A half breed, just like me."

"What? What's that?"

"A Nephilim is the offspring of an angel and a mortal. They have the beauty and the eyes of an angel, as well as their capabilities, but they enjoy a human life on Earth. They eat, sleep, breathe and even blink, unlike angels. You look human, except when someone really looks at you, they see your hidden beauty."

I swore under my breath. "You're lying! I'm not a freak!"

"No, you aren't. The word is 'Nephilim'. N-E-P-H-I-L-I-M," retorted Ciara.

That was when I turned and looked, and found a frightening pair of yellow slitted eyes hovering inches in front of my face.

The End

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