Ciara - Great

I clap sarcastically. "Well done, boy" I say. "You've got yourself a guardian angel" They both looked up at me and the angel, Aldara, tensed. She even got into a fighting stance, glenched her teeth and spread her wings.

"Demon" She snapped. I laughed and jumped from my stance up on a wall. I land easily and flick back my hair.

"Half" I say with a smirk.

"Half?" Aldara questions.

"I'm half demon, half angel. My name's Ciara and I'm Lucifer's daughter" I say putting a hand on my hip.

"Your father is.... he's the reason the apocalypse has begun" Aldara says. "He's the reason the human's won't believe again. The reason my leader... my father has gone and will not hear my calls" She says tears forming once again.

I roll my eyes annoyed with this speech, this entire situation. "Look, I'm not him so don't get pissy at me. In fact I'm here to stop the apocalypse. Seriously, you don't know what its like to have the devil for a father" I say looking at the ground with a painful heart.

"Uh.... can I interrupt?" Dale asks seeming scared. I look up at him and so does Aldara. "But who is that?" He points past me and I turn round to see...

"Oh" I say simply as the slayer stares at me. "I believe we should run" I add before turning and legging it. On my way past I grab Dale's arm forcing him to run at exceptional speed.

The End

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