"You are the one who will stop his rising!" I told the boy, holding onto his arm. I could tell that he was frightened, yet he wasn't trying to struggle away. Getting no reply (and becoming more annoyed), I continued. "You must help me!"

His eyes only widened as she stayed frozen in fear. I really wanted to help him, so I tried to comfort him by surrounding us both with my wings.The people of the general public couldn't see us now, but this boy sure could.

"Answer me." I urged him, finally letting go of his arms but strangely leaving a long scratch down one of them. I looked at my hand, noticing it was making a claw-like shape. I forced it back into a fist.

"I don't know what's going on!" The boy finally whimpered, grabbing his arm and observing the damage.

Ignorant boy! The familiar voice that had took residence in my head reminded me. I ignored it, breathing heavily and staring at this blissfully ignorant man.

"What?" I asked, stepping closer to his face and starting to anger. "This is your destiny!"

Calm down! My hands flew to my head as I collapsed, staring up at the boy with pleading eyes.

"You've got to help us, please!" I told him, tears forming in my eyes and slipping down my cheeks. "

"How?" He asked, his expression now conveying concern rather than fear.

"You expect me to know?" I sobbed. "I can't even find my Leader, my Father!"

"I--" He began, but stopped himself. He laid a hand on my shoulder wordlessly, hoping to comfort me.

"I'm lost! So desperately lost in this endless world of destruction and impending doom!" I cried. "Please, don't give up because you're merely confused!"

"I won't." He reassured me, extending his free hand, the arm I scratched. Gratefully, I looked up and took it, smiling an apology. "I'm Dale."

He helped me up as I wiped the tears from my face. "Aldara. I guess you could call me your...Guardian Angel."

The End

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