Dale - The Schizophrenic Angel

"How am I going to stop your father?" I demanded. "What are you talking about?! I don't understand!"

"Stop it," said the girl. Her magnificent wings had unfurled back into her back, and I was still shocked. She clutched my arm with a powerful grip, and I couldn't writhe away from it. "How will you stop my father from rising and destroying everything?"

"Um... I think I should go to the bathroom," I replied.

"Uh, mortal humans. Hurry up. This is important and while you don't seem to be able to register my words in your tiny mortal brain, the Apocalypse cannot be avoided," She said looking miffed. "Now go! Quickly, please!"

I turned away from her, and I ran over to the bathroom. I felt her frightening eyes boring into my back as I sprinted full tilt for the bathroom. I stepped into the bathroom, and immediately headed for the window. I was not staying at this school while their was a psycho girl with really strong hands and freaky wings trying to tell me that the End of the World was coming. And who the hell was this Lucifer?

After pushing it up, I slipped out quietly. Then, I began to sprint, racing across the street. I felt as if I was flying, gliding across the street as I ran for my life, not wanting to stop. If I stopped, she would catch me, and she'd be angrier than ever. Lucifer? The Apocalypse? And how did she know about my dream? I eventually made it to a major street, and cars race by. I took a chance. I couldn't stop now.

I ran across the car filled street, and everything seemed to slow down around me. Cars moved like they were driving through molasses, and they were all outlined in blue. The cars were in slow motion, and I ran through them easily. Everything seemed to be moving in slow motion, and I was moving super fast. I ducked around trees and dodged slow cars, easily edging around people who were walking far too slow.

I had run for about ten minutes straight, and I hadn't seen her. So I began to walk, catching my breath. Everything was still moving in slow-mo, but I wasn't. That was when I noticed it. There was a lady, one who wasn't moving as if she was walking through molasses. She looked up at me, and her light blue eyes grazed over me as she inspected me. But something was wrong about her eyes. They were slightly clouded to me, as if there was something in them. Pain. I knew that I was the only one that could see that.

She began to mutter things, as if she was speaking to no one in particular. She couldn't have been talking to me, because I could not hear anything that she was saying to me. Before I could turn, she was in front of me, holding my arm. Her eyes looked wild, frightening, even. Her long, dark blond hair fell to her shouldervblades, and I realized she was beautiful.

And yet I knew she was insane.

She held me there, and she spoke in a sweet yet odd voice. "You are the one who will stop his rising!" she exclaimed. "You must help me!"

That's when her white, feathery wings unfurled from her back, wrapping around us. I was frozen with fear.

The End

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