Ciara - Half Breed

I grab the boys arm as I walk pass pulling him along behind me. I make it seem a normal happening echoing the thought out to people around me. "What the-" The boys says. I spin round and put a finger to my lips. I whisper 'shh' into his head then pull him along behind me once again.

We reach a corner to an empty corridor and I pull him round before taking his shoulders then slamming him up to the wall. He yells out a bit it pain before going quiet and gritting his teeth. "Lets talk about this reasonably" He says trying to keep the situation calm. He's probably trying to keep out of getting hurt... in fact thats exactly what he's doing.

"You don't have to worry, Dale" I say. His eyes widen as I speak his name and I step back releasing him from my grip. I put a hand on my hip letting it stick out and my other arm hangs by my side. "I'm actually here to help you" I finish with a cold smile, never have been the happy sort.

"What do you mean? How do you know my name?" He says beginning to panic only slightly. I roll my eyes and sigh heavily.

"I thought I wouldn't have to do this but.." I shrug then spread my wings letting them have a big flap before pulling them back to my back where they seem to sink into my skin. "Recently you've had a dream about the apocalypse. I had a more detailed one and I know that you" I point his chest with a finger. "Are the only one who can stop my father, Lucifer"

"Wait, how did you know about the dream? What are you? Your wings are black... well a reddish black so you can't be a normal angel?..... Wait... your father is Lucifer?" He says seeming to be unable to take half of what I said in. I roll my eyes annoyed.

"Wow, you're chatty. I know about your dream cause I'm telepathic. I'm a half breed between an angel and demon. Yes, my father is Lucifer. Do I like it? No, I hate him. Do I care about what happens to this planet with its apocalypse looming? No, but the only way to get back at my father is to stop it. Now anymore questions?" I say.


"Stop! I don't want to hear it. The thing is your never gonna totally get all this stuff so we'll skip the question section and get to the real problem. How are you gonna stop my father?"

The End

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