I sceam as I toss on my bed unable to hold back the horror I am witnessing. I hear voices in the distance and know I have company. I can't acknowledge them though. I'm pulled to deep into my vision to even open my eyes let alone speak. Then its over. I gasp as my eyes shoot open and I see my father standing above me. "What did you see now, Ciara?" Lucifer.... My father... asks coldly.

"I-I saw the apocalpse. I saw death and blood. You father, I saw you. You were full with glee but.." As I spoke my father began to smile seeming to become happy with each word I speak but now the smile fell from his face. Why was I so shocked he was so happy about the apocalypse? Didn't he realise he would die also? Well..... eventually....

"But?" My father questioned hissing through his now clenched teeth. I find myself smiling.

"But there was a boy father. A mere human from Manhatten and though he may not know it, he will be able to stop you" I say smiling at my father smugly. He grabs my throat then slamming me up against the wall. I begin to choke scraping at my fathers arm drawing blood but not weakening his grip.

"How many times, Ciara? Now that his almight-ass is gone. No-one, and I mean no-one, will stop me" he says then releases the grip on my throat I fall to my bed gasping for breath. "While I'm slightly against killing my own daughter. You must remember, Ciara, your only alive cause your visions are so useful. Now I believe I will forward my take over.... starting with this Manhatten"

I stare at him with fear eyes wide as I watch him. "NO!" I yell and my telepathy goes out slamming into my father and knocking him across the room and into the guards at the door. I jump to my feet and race out of the room knocking the guards away mentally also. I run down the hallways till I get out into the garden full of fire and screaming souls.

"CIARA!!!" My father's loud angry voice shakes the earth causing me to almost drop to the floor crying like I use to as a child but I won't. I am stronger now and while I may not care what happens to everyone.... I will get back at my father for all the terror and pain he caused me. I spread my black-red wings and jump into the air leaving my father behind in the dust of his roting kingdom.

Right.... now to find that boy. Although, judging on the time..... he'll probably be at school. Oh well, I always have been a gatecrasher.

The End

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