In Darkest Night

Humans have made so many mistakes, turning their backs completely on their responsibilities. They have caused the world to start to wilt from their waste, they kill and steal and sin. So now, God has turned his back on mankind. Now, certain orders of angels have gone insane, others still searching for their Father, who vanished.
Lucifer is rising, and he will soon completely destroy the world, bringing it to an end. Unless Dale and his friends stop him, apocalypse will take the Earth!

We made so many mistakes.

So many! If we had just followed the simple rules He gave us, we might not be looking around at the flaming cities as they burned to the ground, or the now starless nights, that seemed so dark that they almost reflected the condition of the world. It was like an eclipse had passed over the Earth, and the humans were now running around, trying to find things as they scrambled along in the darkness.

Because ignorance is darkness.

They still have not the faintest idea of why they were being punished, or why these horrible things were befalling their race. They do not realize that they had their roles in the Apocalypse. People have even stopped believing-- which is not the answer.

So now, they run around like chickens with their heads cut off, scrambling around in the darkest night, the one that would last forever. The night is taking over, and I have not seen the sun in weeks.

None of the human race has. All because we lied, cheated, stole, killed and did everything we should have never done. We were ignorant, and now, we still are.

This will be the darkest night ever...

The End

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