In a World Where. . .

Well, I've just put this exercise because I'm having some serious writer's block! And Exercises like this help me think of more things for my stories. So, I wanted to share this with all Protagonists! This is a Collab, so anyone can write :)

In this exercise you can think of anything crazy or wild and put it down here! This is a place for all lost ideas or thoughts or characters you haven't had the chance to use in a story (yet!). For those of us with Writer's Block, I think that this could help get the imagination flowing! It doesn't even have to be long, just a bundle of thoughts! It also doesn't have to be something like "In a World..."

I'll start out with an example: (I thought of this while lying in bed trying to sleep)

In a world where people and bugs switch places. Wouldn't the bugs say things like, "Oh my gosh, a human just bit me," or "I gotta go spray my garden so that it's people free,"

Wouldn't that be the weirdest/coolest? Although, if we switched places, would our intelligence still be ours, or would the smarts of mankind switch to the insects? Also, wouldn't the bugs be as large as humans, and the people be as small as the bugs? The possibilities are nearly endless!

Or here's another one: (I was watching beer commercials)

In a world where water and alcohol switched places. The people that were sober would be the odd balls, because then everyone would be intoxicated all the time! There would be chaos everywhere! And the oceans would be alcohol too.

Instead of brewing, there would be hydrating! If people wanted to party, they'd go grab a nice, cold water bottle. There would be commercials about people in a pub drinking water, and the Most Amazing Man in the World would still be saying, "Stay thirsty, my friends," while he had a glass of water in front of him. Heck, the beer-gut look would be the height of fashion, and the healthy looking people would be considered ugly. Makes you think right?

The End

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