Tzirrpe: What the hell, Dad?Mature

The chaos and destruction Tzirrpe had seen on the monitor was now all around her.  Plasma beams flew in opposite directions, many of them making fatal hits.  One warrior had his snout blown off and was bleeding heavily.  A couple of medics rushed over, but one of them was shot in the leg on the way.

Tzirrpe felt something on her shoulder.  She whipped around with a quick hiss, then realized it was only her father.  He started leading her behind a boulder.  "What the hell are you doing?" Tzirrpe demanded.

Once they were seated behind the rock, the commander said, "If we don't get out of here now, we won't get out at all.  This is going to be a massacre for one side or the other, and I don't want to risk you being part of it."

"But we can't just run!  If anyone found out, we would be killed for dishonoring the government."

"Just look at that warrior over there."  He pointed to the Talynian whose snout wound was now being bandaged.  "Would you rather die like that, bleeding to death, or be killed quickly by an officer?"

Tzirrpe only had a second to consider this.  "All right, we'll go.  We can find the rebel squad and hide out with them."

As they ran, her father shouted, "Keep fighting!  Show no mercy!"  The standard battle cry.  Tzirrpe risked one quick glance back.  The warrior who now lacked a  snout struggled to his feet and leaned against a rock to fire his plasma rifle.  He probably wouldn't last until sunset.

The End

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