Sam: Lessons in being surprisedMature

My squad responds  but they still weren't acting like everything was fine it wasn't. The only solution I could think of was ambush. I checked the rifle quickly, and cheacked the HUD. Small energy readings up ahead. They had weakened the charge on there weapons but it could take a few seconds to make the charge full. I walked over to the corporalls to check their HUDs and prepare to throw a few grenades ahead of us quietly. On my count we all do so just as the Lizards jump out of the rocks shooting us like crazy. We lay the grenades out blowing up a few to their deaths. While we took heavy fire. I opened fire but we weren't able to resist.

"Jaz! come in!"

" Ya i'm here no need to yell." I hear his voice on the other side.

" We in a shit storm out here can you give us overhear cover?"

" I will see what i can do , can't gaurantee i will be any help. Jaz out."  

I dive behind cover and try to stop panicking as everyone else is doing. A few soldiers follow my lead and stick by me. We take shots and soon have a well established area some more of my squad was showing up, we were still somewhat pinned and had a fair bit of casualties in panic but now things we're a little more even.

The End

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