Tzirrpe: AmbushMature

The barracks were crumbled, but no one was inside.  Did they really think the Borgents wouldn't see them coming?  Humans may have been tiny compared to Talynians, but they could still be spotted on a blackened desert floor.  Tzirrpe had seen their ship crash on the monitor and was able to warn everyone in plenty of time.

A few yards away, Tzirrpe hid with her father and a few other warriors behind a large rock.  There were other Borgents scattered around the area, their rifles fully loaded.  The humans didn't see any of them, thanks to their dark skin and armor.

The commander made a motion for Tzirrpe to get her portable monitor and see what the humans were doing.  From a pocket in her armor, she produced a small screen with an extendable camera attached to it.  She positioned the camera just around the edge of the rock and activated the monitor.  A few humans seemed suspicious, but most of them just looked happy to still be alive.

So am I, Tzirrpe thought to herself.  One of the humans turned towards the Borgents' position.  Tzirrpe pressed a button on the side of her monitor, pulling the camera back into place.

She looked at her father, readying her plasma rifle.  He did the same.  Let the games begin, she thought.  Every warrior's tongue flickered in anticipation of the battle ahead.

The End

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