A dropship picked us up and flew us over the bunker where the real action began, as plasma bolts hit our minor energy shield and missels destroyed the hull.

"Get on the Turrets!" I order frantically as another explosion shakes the dropship.

"We main power conduit we're going down." The lights and all electronic shut down and we entered free fall. We all breathed at the same time awaiting our death, BANG, SMASH CRACK. We are all thrown forwards against the wall, Pain shot through my body, but the feeling we aren't going to be given a huge grace period had me kicking the door down.

"Pull yourselves together this is far from over!"  I yell juat as the door unjams and  open up my assualt rifle trained on anything ahead of me. The lizards came pooring in, I opened fire the blood spattering on the ground as I relentlessy kill every single one that happens to be in front of me. The squad jumps down behind me and we blow the opposing squad away. I take a plasma bolt to the shoulder and fall backwards on the ground my armour burned away, I winced as the plasma ate and burnt a 2 inch hole in my shoulder.

"Sir!" One of shouts in anguish, "I'll be fine get me biofoam." I reply.

"Yes sir!" As one drops to his knee, I read private Tilson on his uniform.

"Thanks, Tilson." I say as the biofoam expands in the wound mimicing the neccesary cells that would be in my arm, I get back up , remembering i'm not invincible and it doesn't take much to get myself killed out here.

"Go, go get in the bunker capture it, Make sure they don't leave traps behind!" I command.Jaz took his men to the left and we went straight ahead with no idea what lay ahead of us. My heads up display began to read tons of energy reading ahead and concluded we where heading towards the barracks, which meant we are heading to a potential slaughter house. We keep heading through meeting minimal resitance until we are fifty feet from the barracks.

"Snipers and rocketlauncher fire two volleys into variouse targets cripple the strong areas, and destroy we they are weak." I order, in a minute the barracks were lit up and we crush all that resisted. This just seemed to easy.

"Hold, regroup something about this seems to easy."I say.

The End

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