Sam: The generalMature

Inside the generals tent was metal reinforcments, blast doors personall shield belts. Heavy guns it was like a portable fortress.  My men looked tired and lacked apropiate form.

" Guys seriously for ten minutes make it look like you haven't gone through war. I don't feel like getting shit on. You?" I say in a harsh voice.

" Fuck off man." Jaz says

" I want too." I said turning around heading through the door.

" Private Sam Tsavir your now promoted to first sargent." I'm greeted by a fat bastard in a throne like chair. How typical.

I'm handed a fres uniform , and specialized sargents knife. Should I be happy?

" Uh thanks. You wanted to see the squad?" I ask.

" Yes bring em in." He orders

My squad walks in still looking like shit I couldn't blame them.

" Well I was expecting a more army like entrance for a squad who captured this position." The general was unimpressed. 

" Sorry sir The men have been fighting hard for hours on end." I said why do they expect so much? The guy is roly poly who wouldn't last long in combat.

" No excuses next time you will be punished sargent." The general said angerly

" Yes sir." 

" getting to the gist of this meeting is your doing another capture mission. You will be sent ahead of the main battalion. Your capturing the defence bunker. good luck , and fun." He smile and we were dismissed.

" Suicide." Jaz says.

" Yeah." I said putting on the new top half or my uniform, and replaced my original combat with the sargents one wich was sharper, and had a very grippy handle.

The squad stood in a semi organized line. I didn't give a shit as long as they obeyed orders.

" Okay it sucks but we are going to go , and infiltrate a bunker. So gear up by getting lots of explosive, shotguns , and good assualt rifles. If you don't specialize with a weaopn I want you to carry. A assualt rifle with a grenade luancher, shotgun , and bazuka. Got it?" I ordered

They all understood.


The End

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