Sam: Running outta clips!Mature

We sat repeatively firing down on the mass of the fucking dumb Lizards. They're tactic? Fucking get killed to enemy runs out of shots. I was done to my last 2 clips of 50 shots. I was taking careful aim now hitting vulnerable spots on they're armour. it also looks like our little turret was going to become base of operation as more battered squads, platoons, companies, and regiments were pooring in. 

" More fucking clips , powerpacks whatever floats your fucked up boat!" I yelled seeing more men shot down from realizing their out. 

Jaz seemed to have the air complety dominated by the turret which I think had plenty of shot left seeing it was attatched to a generator.   I blasted more Lizard brains.

" Do these fuckers realize theres no chance they're getting this position?" I asked. 

" No Sam their sence of honor dictate no retreat, no cowardice, no giving up. We'll have to shoot every single one dead to win." Said Sven the sargen who made me a sargent.

" Sir!" I replied Still taking out lizards.

" Sam I have orderes to take up defense. Your squad, Is to have one hour rest then report to the General Corville."  

" Yes sir." I said releived that because I was sitting on half a clip.

"All perssonel under Sargent Tsavir. Is on one hour leave  then reporting to General Corville." I orderd My men looked like exhausted they were going to need more rest thant that.  I got some one to replace the semi flustered Jaz out of the turret. He seemed happy with the turret. 

" C' mon Its not my orders corporall." I said. 

In our short break I ate my first meal of shit yes military rations are shit. Then I went to the barracks replaced my rifle , and took out some more clips and grenades. By then it was time to report to the general.

I found my squad which was like waking the dead.

"Come on we have a fucked and warped schedule to meet!" I yelled they gave me evil glances. I even hated myself.

" Time to meet our general, and lets hope he doesn't give us a sniveling Lieutenant." I commented

The End

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