Sam: Taking the turret and then blowing the crap out of thingsMature

The guy raised his visor turned he was an afro american." Well thats what you would call 200 years ago now we normally just state he is a person.

" Ok to that turret." I poited through the clearing smoke

Once we got out of safe cover or the drop pods the plasma fire began to be more intense.  More stinkin lizard showed up.

" Open fucking fire." I yelled at more than terrified squad.

Shit they had there guns on safty mode.  I fired the secondary function trigger on my gun. Which shot out small plasma grenade.   I looked over at how Jaz was fairing.  One of his member had got there head ripped off. Shit.

We finaly reached the turret.

" OK ready men. Go go go!" I said as we barraged the turret with plasma fire. We filled the back with holes. I entered the turret first. All the motherfuckin lizards we're dead. Atleast thats what I thought. One flipped up knocking my plasma rifle out of my hands.  Then the lizard jumped onto me trying to rip my head off.

" No your fucking not!" I said grabbing my combat knife.  I ripped thefuckers throat open and it died instantly. 

" Who wants to have fun blowing the fuck of those oncoming enemie ships?" I asked.

corporall Jaz didn't even say anything he just entered the turret and started blowing this up.

I looked at our remaining men "start making this our base of operations set up the belt feds , and auto plasma guns we're here to stay until further orders. Get ready to defend this position" I said seeing a enemy battalion charging towards us.

I ordered half the soldiers to set up the posistion and the other half ready for defending the turret. 

" Drop grenades now." I ordered them as the enemy battalion was too close for the turret to kill. They ran into the many grenades taking most of them out.

" Fire at will!" I shouted

" One of the men replied "poor will."

We all smiled but did not dare to laugh.

The End

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