Sam: 1 week laterMature

They didn't even bother training us for another week. We where shipped onto this battle crusier / O.D.P.U ship yeah screwed up.  Anyways we are crammed into the square cubicles which are your Drop Pod. Your are not to leave your drop pod. And ontop of how uncomtrable a drop pod is you are to stay with your sqaud. My seargent is named Qaurnag , fresh from training , The corporall name was Tbunk also fresh from training. The rest of us where privates with only the knowledge how to shoot reload and obey orders.  To be honest I was scared we where being shipped to a war planet called Talyn. There The E.D.M.D are fighting these alien military called Borgents. Not much information was given to me how they looked or how they fought just how viciouse they are. 

A computer voice said , " Orbital drop in 2 minutes. Please breath through hoses as pod administers shock gell. Good luck."

Wow did a computer just wish me luck? The Pod began to fill with this blue gell and these masks came out of the ceiling. After this pods lands my lifes is sure to meet it end. I put the mask one and waited for pod release.

The two minutes went by slowly the gell filled the pod to cielling. The the pod was dropped. for the next several minutes in the pod was a warm because of entry to the atmosphere. The wieghtlessness was very diorienting too. The we hit the ground the legs of the pod gave and gell cushioned us. The  Gell was then blown out of the pod and the fighting Began.

I put my visor down with it was giving me information of the field it looked like we're taking heavy fire from all sides.

" All right troop! Move!" Commaned sargent Quarnug. I ran out the door to see this blackened smoky landscape burnt by the war. Plama bolts where coming from all directions I took cover by my pod enterance I couldn't see the enemy. As the sargent and corporall came out of the pod the where shot and killed.

That did not surprise me. The rest of the squad stared blankly in fear.

" Come on hold your rifle like a man. Let's die with dignity and Honor!" I encouraged them.

taking aim and shooting in the direction of the opposing plasma bolts. Suddenly 8 foot lizards with massive muscles and rifles jumped from the smoke shooting at our pod.

" Hold your posistion." I insisted firing my rifle trying not to run away myself.

I took the first Lizard beast down. The rest of the squad followed my lead.  But when we had to reload our weapons we lost our third man.

" Fuck we are all going to die." One of the others screamed in fear. I was nearly finished reloading when a Battle hardened sargent jumped from the smoke pegging each of the Lizards in the head.

" Sargent Sven boreal. Where's your sargent Privat!" He spat at me.

" Dead." I said.

" Your the new Sargent then." Sven said , " Now pick a coporall and get your squad to take that turret on the hill giving us hell!" he ordered

A little shocked at my so called promotion. I turned to the my squad who looked like that death would be kindness to them. I pointed at the one with no fear.

" Your the new corporall, Name!" I ordered with the most sargent sounding voice I could think of.

The End

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