Sam: A welcome to Cast.Mature

 I arrived at the training facility, and was told to put the uniform on and go to the room marked 20X40D1A.

The next morning a clock goes off and I'm told to report to the courtyard. I put on the helmet which gives me directions to the cortyard. The courtyard is sand filled playground for  aldults or more like training unit.  I'm to line up by theoritical rank. My helmet said I'm a new comer so I line up  in front.

I stood with five others. Thats when the Warren officer showed his ugly face .

" I see we have 6 newcomers over night. Lets start with namesand numbers." He points at me.

" Sam Tsavir, number 20X40D1A  Sir!" I yelled trying to sound military.

He pointed to the guy next to me.

" Torren Radavuchiky, Sir!"   He yelled forgetting his number.

" Son you forgot your number. Unacceptable. Lucky its your first day." The warren officer said  punching Torren in the stomach.

" Try agian." The Warren officer said.

" Torren , Radavuchiky , Number 41X89D1A, Sir" Torren yelled

" Good job. Now for the rest of you newbies You should realize that there is pattern here. After first two number there is an X , and after the next two number thers is a D1A. The X means O.D.P.U and D1A means Cast regiment.  The rest is your identity." He explained he then contiued on asking for the names of the others.

A few minutes later he began his speech for us.

" Welcome to the Cast Regiment Orbital Drop Pod unit. This is going to be your home for a week or two then you will be shipped out.  If you Fuck up here you will certianly Die on the Battlefield. So I advise you to take in everything you learn here to heart." He said. Then he picked up a Plasma rifle. " For the ones who are retarded this is is a Plasma rifle. This is a Standard weapon given to all draftees and recruits. So this is what you will be training with. There will be other weapons but since most of your are Draftees and Militia you will be sent out before we get to that. Now here are some rules If you do not like it here please walk up to this gun put your head here and pull the trigger. If you do not comply with what I say i will be pulling the trigger for you. Now if you don't work to maximum potential you will be given more workouts with you fellow squadmates in tow. So remember not to fuck up to much because after the extra workouts i'm sure the others will want to kill you. Thats all the rules. And once agian welcome to Cast regiment."


The End

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