Sam: Recruitment officeMature

Venus's face began from in love and happy to the person she talking to is good as dead.

"Oh no." She whispered hugging me tight as she began to cry. , " I love you."

" I love you too." I replied , "  I can't believe it I honestly can't believe I'm being torn from this world, and you." I continued on

" You can't go, you can't go." She wailed

" I don't want to go but I have no choice." I said keeping my emotions deep inside me.

" I can only hope you live Sam. Write letters surrvive even if it means disobeying orders." She said.

She kissed me goodbye . This may be the last time I ever see her.   I turned on my heals and reflected on my life. I calculated my odds of surrving past training at best would be 1 week, that was all the veterans say anyways.  I got to my house packed my possesions I needed. A picture video of me and Venus. some clothes I left a message on venuses com device saying she can have whats left which was basically everything.

I Arrived at the recruitment office an hour later. At the office was this well shaped officer with one of those bizzare old fasioned french mustaches.

" Sam Tsavir. Here's my draft form." I said sullenly

The officer checked his computer " Sam, Tsavir Number 20X40D1A. There you are you been drafted to O.D.P.U's ( Orbital Drop Pod Unit) Regiment  Cast.  Here your uniform and all other military belonging. Just go through that door and you should be transported to the training ground. You may or may not be given a rank at the camp." The officer informed me handing me a bunch military shit. 

The the uniform is grey, and black with many pockets and buckles. It also had a few Temporary electronic implants. With uniform came a Grey helmet with an information visor which probaly told me my current status, enemies status whole entire status of the military I'm fighting for.

" Do I put this on as soon as possible.?" I asked

" Yes at the traing camp."  The officer replied

The End

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