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A unfortunate draftee of a seemingly never ending war in the far future. His skills are nothing specail he just an average guy. Or so he thinks he climbs the ladder of the military to only find out that he's only a pawn of war. To change his fate and stop the galaxy to be handed over to an evil entity. He must finally accept he more than average.

The electronic message couldn't have been worse.  I was hoping to just get a message from Venus. (Yes her parents named after the planet , and goddes of sex poor girl.) To tell me confirming when we'll meet for dinner. No it was the E.D.M.D  Earth Defence and Millitary Department saying.

Dear Sam, Tsavir

This message is to call you to serve as Defending, military participant. ( Basically A nice way of saying your canon fodder buddy.) You are to report to nearest recruitment office in two day to recieve training, and briefing. If you do not comply you will be found punished and put on frontlines without training. 

So I guess i should tell you about my self. Obviously my name is Sam Tsavir, Otherwise the rest is unknown.  I live on a trading planet called Jursasam the specific city I lived or should rephrase that Lived in is Siphony. My job is a basiclly shipping and recieving so I organize matireal and ship out or in. How the military thinks a simple button presser like me to be military combantant is beyond me. Sure I've fired a few rifles for the sake to show off some natural talent in hunting. Or as A kid playing those virtual shoot em up games. That is still nothing close to being in a war zone.

My com device went off agian.

" Hi honey." The sweet voice of Venus filled my ears.

" Hi Venus. Are you able to come to Placeko?"

" Yes Sam." Ok I 'll see you momentarily. I Hopped into transport boot and was simply transformed into energy at the enterance of fancy restuaraunt. 

" They your Sammy!"  Venus said running into my arms she hugged me tight and we kissed. 

"Sam you seem sad whats going on?" She asked

I didn't want to ruin maybe one of my last happy nights with Venus.I'll have to tell her later

" Oh is that so. I'm okay I was just thinking." I said putting on convincing fake smile.

The restauraunt was dimly lit for a romantic mood I guess the store targeted couples. Venus beautiful long sandy blond hair easily swayed side to side as we walked to our seats.  We orderd a couple of simple trines which was an alien vine wich didn't have graped but a fruit much like an apple shape but it was much like a grape.  afterwards we where served our dinner.

As I walked her back to her apartment I broke the news.


The End

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