Imperfection Is Beauty

Boys, we are not perfect because we are not everyone's cup of tea,we aren't  everyone's cup of tea because we're not popular,we're not popular because we don't do what cool people do and we don't do what cool people do simply because we don't want to be them.

Imperfection is not caused by yourself. It's other people's projection of you. So if you judge,your judging what you see,not what you can't see.

What you can't see is what's inside and what's inside is a heart that she depends on. A big heart full of happiness and some sadness. She has a beautiful smile that you don't need to see,you can feel. She has an amazing personailty that isn't visible through eyes,but through feeling.

So the next time you judge one of my girls,please,look at yourself,before nobody likes you for being judgemental



The End

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