Chapter 2

"So... Where shall we go next?"

Padfoot tore her eyes from the weasel guy, who was rather cute, and looked around the town. A pet store with the letters AMAZING PETS written over it. She cocked her head at it and said "Let's go there!"

Angel drove ahead to the pet store and pulled over to the side of the road. They entered the pet shop and were delighted to see all the unique animals there. From the normal to the normally nonexistant it was any animal-lovers dream come true. Padfoot giggled delightedly before hurrying over to an obscure corner to hunt down her perfect pet.

Angel was delighted by all the animals and squealed out "Padfoot! These are so cute!" Padfoot was petting a little tiny dragon and replied "Yes they are!" She picked him up and he nibbled on her finger in a loving way.

"I like this one!" she said as he fluttered up to her shoulder with his little leathery wings. "His name is Marn." said the newly created guy from behind the counter. "How much?" she asked as he blew fire up into the air. "Since you guys created me, and him, he's free."

With a smile of delight she held him in her hands and said "Marn! Can you blow shapes?" He blew a shining image of her into the air, her hair all ablaze.

"Meet you out in the car!" Padfoot called to Angel who was still looking through the assortment of normal and abnormal animals. A tinkle of a bell indicated she was now gone.

Angel looked through the assortment of creatures. She ignored the advice of the owner and looked at everything. After not finding anything she turned around angrily and saw the perfect pet...

The End

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