Imaan: Reloaded

April 5th 2014

Relearning about sincerity, knowledge, my good and bad deeds and being myself which I somehow discarded and forgotten easily. I’m not proud that I easily forgotten which bites back against me.

Materialism which clouded my thoughts easily and yet so sudden as I become stuck in a trap. Anger which I do not control gets a hold of me easily as I lose my temper. My arrogance makes me lose my understanding of others.

I am not quite religious as I claim to be nor I am a good Muslim as I try to be. It takes time to look into oneself to struggle and find one identity. I really try my best despite my own shortcomings.

I will try to renew or reload my Imaan if everything becomes more difficult for me to breathe, as I try to take step by step, one by one, relearning what I need to learn.

The End

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