I'm With The Band!Mature

Don't get me wrong, my life is incredibly boring. So much so, I feel like falling asleep in class. Which also means I must be a genius because I always get awesome grades on all my assessments. 

Of the very few friends I have, they all said I should have taken A-Level music specialising in singing. But, to be honest, I probably piss myself if I had to perform in front of one of the guys who watch over the exam, let alone a full audience.

I flopped down on the bench underneath the massive oak tree in the collages courtyard. A few people stared at me as they walked past... it's not really surprising. I mean, I'm actually a very quiet and reserved person; but my clothing says otherwise. I have come to a point in my life where every item of clothing I own has bows and frills on -- including underwear.

It seems I've somehow managed to channel all that lack of confidence... into confidence in the way I dress. I don't think I've worn a pair of plain jeans for two years now. I just love lolita clothing... it's all cute and princessy and frilly and whenever I buy a new dress I get a lovely warm feeling inside, which I'm quite sure has nothing to do with the good looking guy who works at the counter of the store I buy my clothes from...

I pulled my packet of crisps from my bag and started to make my way through the packet.

Even though I have no confidence whatsoever in my singing, I still go to the tiny music room which is just round the corner from media studies to sing every day.

But little did I know, that my music session today was gonna change everything.

The End

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