Andrew: Wow this is going to be a cat fight

I lazy back in my chair. Now, I'm getting bored.

I find my self reaching for the cigarette packet in my pocket. Then I remember class.

I sigh and rock back. Then the bell goes. I jump up and rush out of the school. As soon as I'm out I pull out a cigarette and light it.

"Still on school property, Boy" a teacher says. Then the man smiles.

I walk over. "Don't be a hypocrite sir" I say smiling indicating his cigarette.

Students begin to pile out and Andrew leans with the teacher against his volvo.

"Name's Kieran. I'm the new head of history" the teacher says offering his hand. I take it in a firm shake.

"Andrew, school bad boy" I say.

"I'll be watching you then" Kieran says smiling.

"What do I call you in class? You'll be my new teacher since we had the old head of department for history"

"Just Mr K will survice" Kieran shrugs.

"You seem quite young"

"Just got out of cambridge"

I whistle. "And you come to this crap shack"

Kierann laughs. "I like you kid, fancy a lift"

"Thanks, K" I say smiling I flick away my ciggarette.

The End

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