Serifina;that little *****!

God i hate that girl! I meen i din't even know her but still! I realize Andrew still hasn't let go of me as we walk into class. I blush.

Mr. Rayland nods at us and starts talking about the upcoming trip to France. I look at Andrew and he shyly lets go of me. I blush again. Why do I have to blush so easily!?!

"Sorry" I whisper,"Its just Lia told me about her and she has done some real bad stuff..."

"Its okay you just never know she may of changed i meen you don't know her yet." He was standing up for her! Why did I feel jelous?

"Yes but she deserves a telling of!"

"i'm sure she has had anough of that at her last school."

"Yes but...Sorry" I say realizing i don't want to fall out with Andrew and turn to look at the front as Mr.ray says,"Okay you to love birds look this way." Blush alert!

The End

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