Sarah: Oh Dear

After History, it's break. Here they have: Form Time, Lesson 1, break. Lesson 2, lesson 3, lunch. lesson 4, lesson 5. end of day. Andrew saunters up to us, closely followed by a girl about his age.


"Hey" me and April say at the same time.

"Hey. Is this they new girl you were on about in Spanish?" the girl asks.

"Yeah. Hey Sarah, this is Serafina"

"Hi Serafina.I'm Sarah."

"An addition the blonde club eh? When are they going to stop dumping blondes in that class?"

"Dunno. Maybe when dumbness transfers to brunettes?" 

"I am not dumb!"

"I know you're not. That school down the road said you're really clever"

"That school down the road?" Serafina sounds a bit suspicious.

"Yeah.What's wrong with that?" April asks.

"Oh nothing. Just that Lia has a frie- I mean, she knows someone who just moved from that school. Called Sarah. She was really horrible..."

"And so you turn it onto Sarah just coz she just moved here? That's not very nice. You shouldn't jump to conclusions" Andrew sticks up for me.

"No no! I wasn't saying that! I just thought it was a bit of a coincidence. That's all" she says. I open my mouth to change the subject, but then I sense a lie coming on. So I push it down. I will not turn back into the horrible Sarah.

"Uhm. Well, actually, it might not be that much of a coincidence. I know someone called Lia from that school. She's Italian"

"Oh my god! You're her! You're that evil little-!"

"Calm down Serafina" Andrew tells her.

"How can I calm down when the girl who did that stuff to my little sister is standing right in front of me!?!?!?!"

"Serafina. You know what? The bells about to go. We wouldn't want to be late" and he drags her off to a classroom.

"That's the new girl. She's the one who poured acid all over her bast friend in the school down the road!" someone tells their friend as they walk past. Oh dear. Everyone heard.

"You're not her, are you?" April asks. I nod. "Well I can see that you've changed. You've just got to hope that Rhianna and her friends don't hear this. Otherwise you're done for"

"Thanks April. You're really kind. I wouldn't expect anyone to stay friends with me after finding that out. No-one in my other school did"

"No problem" she says and smiles. I smile back. Great. Just great. Someone hates me. A few other people will possibly hate me. At least I have one friend. Sigh.

The End

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