Sarah: Rhianna

"Oh look! Here's blondie!" A girl at a desk in the middle of the room yells. April's just introduced me to our history teacher Mrs Moody, who's actually really nice.

"Just ignore her" April says loudly. "Miss, can Sara sit next to me?"

"Yes, of coarse." Miss says. April sits at the table next to the yelling girl, I sit next to her. 

"That is the teacher. You must listen to the teacher so that you can learn" yeller says to me.

"I know"

"Oh, I'm soooooo sorry. I just thought you wouldn't know. You have so much blonde hair"

"Shut up Rhianna. You're blonde too" April says. 

"I am not blonde" Rhianna hisses. "My hair is light brown!"

"Not all blondes are dumb" I mutter, keeping my eyes on the board.

"Uh, yes they are"

"No they're not"

"OK. What's nineteen times a hundred and three?"

"One thousand nine hundred and fifty seven" I answer immediately. Rhianna's eyes go wide.

"Rhianna, please face the front. Sarah does not need a welcome from you on her first day" Mrs Moody snaps.

The End

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