I rest against the locker. I take a deep drag of my cigarette.

Then April and a girl walk out. My dark blue eyes study her. "Hey, April" I call.

"Hi, Andrew" she says waving slightly. Her face shows disappointment.

"What happened to giving up?" She asks gesturing my ciggarette. I shrug then put it out putting the stub in the bin.

"Don't tell" I say getting out a breath mint and popping it in my mouth. Then I push a hand back through my midnight black ruffled hair.

April shakes her head then moves off. I catch up and walk beside her friend.

"Hey, you're new right?" I say. She nods.

"The name's Andrew" I offer my hand.

"Sarah" she says taking my hand in a firm shake.

"Stop flirting with the new girl besides shouldn't you be in your form. You know the 16 year olds" April says looking at me sternly.

I shrug. "See you guys later"

Then I make my way off down the hall.

The End

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